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mtarascio t1_jahr7qc wrote

Couldn't only someone in power or authority make this happen?


MyNameIsRay t1_jai0xc5 wrote

Anyone can poison anyone else pretty easily, there's no need for an order or a permission slip.

It's possible it was ordered, but just as possible this is a single extremist, or a terrorist cell, or just some gullible person doing what kids on 4chan tell them to do.


mtarascio t1_jai15x4 wrote

The amount of kids would mean it'd be easy to trace as it seems like it'd have to be school supplied food, if no one is being punished, then it means a coverup is happening.

Edit: Maybe my phrasing is a bit off, 'someone in power or authority could be the only one to turn blind eye to it'.


MyNameIsRay t1_jai3ptd wrote

This article makes no mention of what they're poisoned with, or how. It's entirely your assumption it's due to school supplied food.

Poisoning is VERY hard to trace, one of the most famous examples was the Chicago Tylenol Murders back in 1982. 7 people were killed, it costs J&J millions if not billions of dollars, multiple police agencies and the FBI were involved, and they still haven't identified a suspect.

In order for someone to be punished, they first have to be identified and apprehended. It's silly to assume a blind eye is being turned just because the investigation is still ongoing.