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Sawdamizer t1_je87429 wrote

Is this the one bad apple that is spoiling the bunch? Did we get ‘em? Is it over?


Ooh_its_a_lady t1_je87z6i wrote

I imagine crime is waaaaaaaaay easier when you have a badge.


FizzgigsRevenge t1_je9obfg wrote

The Dead Kennedy's sang about that in the 80s.

"I'm the new folk leader of the ku klux klan, my cop friends think that's fine. You can get away with murder if you've got a badge. I fought the law and I won..."


JackedUpReadyToGo t1_jeberi0 wrote

You're part of the biggest gang on the block and you've got the government backing you up. Yeah, I bet so too.


[deleted] t1_je89yme wrote



Laureles2 t1_je9si6k wrote

Did anyone read the article? It's a SHE. Don't make assumptions!


Sharks77 OP t1_jea9fx3 wrote

I had been wondering the same. If they read like the first sentence they'd see it was a woman haha.


jtmarshiii t1_je9sc59 wrote

So makes it easier to push his drugs on kids…. He like this plan!


Zen_Diesel t1_je8tsf9 wrote

He better be careful the CIA doesn’t like competition.


Laureles2 t1_je9sixa wrote

Did anyone read the article? It's a SHE. Don't make assumptions!


Zen_Diesel t1_je9t5j9 wrote

Brushed over the article for highlights. Its a fluff piece. A paragraph that got turned into an article. S/he whatever. I’m neither local to the area nor could care less s/he will get a slap on the wrist because police badge.


NurgleTheUnclean t1_je9yyy2 wrote

And probably a promotion/bonus/award


redditdave t1_jea80rj wrote

Paid supervised leave for the duration of the next 15 years that it will take to self-investigate, only to be found innocent or guilty (in which case said perp will have the chance to first resign with full pension and benefits before guilty finding is announced the following day)


Megmca t1_jea5hr2 wrote

Time to cut down the orchard. It keeps growing rotten apples.


SeparateAddress9070 t1_je9v0rc wrote

CA police departments are known for being some of the most brutal gangs in the world.


Hall-Double t1_je8oh30 wrote

It's never over. If there aren't more doing it, somebody else will step in and take his place.


ADarwinAward t1_je8c3q2 wrote

Ok how dumb do you have to be to use a government owned work computer to buy massive amounts of drugs online?


Gloomy-Ad1171 t1_je8gwdb wrote

Coast Guard officer working for DHS uses work computer to plan terrorist attacks


ADarwinAward t1_je8i4pa wrote

Wow that racist nut job googled “how to bring down the us government” amongst many other far more sinister things on his work computer.

Good thing he was a dumbass.


Lucavii t1_je8wr33 wrote

>“how to bring down the us government”

Little did he know the way to do this is become a member of congress and pass laws restricting education, gerrymander the shit out of every state, install heavily biased judges at every level of court, and then proceed to demolish every precedent every set.




iforgotmymittens t1_je9hrkp wrote

Didn’t even use an incognito window I bet. Tsk tsk.


redditdave t1_jea8b9d wrote

You’re probably joking, but incognito doesn’t prevent your browsing data from being saved. It just gives you a false sense of confidence


Available-Camera8691 t1_jealvhf wrote

I wanna see the wikihow images that went along with that


Mythosaurus t1_jeb3yd9 wrote

The overlap between smart people and white supremacists is small, and the smart ones know how to keep their views hidden while getting important jobs in society.


[deleted] t1_jecc55z wrote

>coast guard lieutenant

Oh, some kid who should've known better.

>Christopher Hasson, 50



ClammyHandedFreak t1_je8hjmb wrote

It’s someone who was probably doing 20 other illegal things he didn’t get caught for and lost track of what devices to commit his crimes on. It’s like porn addicts that find themselves on a porn website on their work computer before they realize what device they are using.


magistrate101 t1_je8rtho wrote

Fun Fact: in some places it's a separate charge to have child pornography on a work computer vs a personal computer. Found that out browsing the local jail roster.


droi86 t1_je9wq1p wrote

I don't even visit reddit on my work computer


whalesalad t1_jeahv7u wrote

the bar is unfortunately incredibly low for government service


TheValgus t1_je8g0b2 wrote

I want to see enchantments for cops doing crimes.

Tack on an extra 10 years if a cop does a crime.

We have to do something.


DoctFaustus t1_je8wsd3 wrote

What sort of enchantment? Perhaps a truth spell to make them drop the dime on other crooked cops?


Megmca t1_jea7taz wrote




Flaca911 t1_jebdbm6 wrote

I love when you ask him about all the dead bodies and it abruptly ends the conversation and opens up the trade menu.


bbroygbvgwwgvbgyorbb t1_je8ifbg wrote

Are you insinuating we hold people who are in position of power accountable? Especially when they abuse that power?? Whaaaaat??


Socialistpiggy t1_jebaquy wrote

Headline was written that way to get clicks. She wasn't in law enforcement, just a longtime employee at the Union. Apparently no one actually reads the article.


wobbly-cheese t1_je8af7j wrote

thats an awful white sounding charge. what happened to conspiracy to traffic in a schedule 1 drug?


CW-OREILLY t1_je8dytg wrote

Here I was thinking it was the Mexicans and the Chinese destroying our country and getting our young people addicted to deadly drugs



skippyspk t1_je8b4oq wrote

Let’s see the bootlickers defend THIS one…

I mean many. Let’s see them defend this many.


_AnecdotalEvidence_ t1_je9wn6y wrote

None of the cop subs will even allow this story. Same with the one yesterday of 11 officers being charged


Socialistpiggy t1_jebasgv wrote

Headline was written that way to get clicks. She wasn't in law enforcement, just a longtime employee at the Union. Apparently no one actually reads the article.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_je8l4jl wrote

Police union heads are almost always goons so it isn’t shocking to find out that one is an old fashioned criminal.


winksoutloud t1_je8w9i5 wrote

Sooooo, is no one going to ask who was getting the product to the street and if, maybe, just possibly, it could have been the police she worked with? Where did the drugs end up?


bbroygbvgwwgvbgyorbb t1_je8i3uc wrote

no no, you probably have this wrong. That would never happen here. That happens in poor brown countries not the USA. But if they did, it was probably for a good reason.


_pinklemonade_ t1_je9z6ee wrote

You’d think by 64 we’d be happy with our lifestyle choices and not having to consider smuggling drugs for that extra cushy retirement.


Bauwens t1_jea14o0 wrote

How long is her paid leave and how much will she be making?

Gender changed


penisprotractor t1_je9nwhx wrote

Crazy how the argument for more worker’s unions is often met with “they’re corrupt”, but then when this shit happens everyone falls over themselves to lick boots. Americans are being trained like good dogs aren’t we?


Mythosaurus t1_jeb3klv wrote

I would like to once again congratulate “drugs” for winning the War on Drugs.

Seriously, this is like Prohibition-era cops smuggling booze.


gillstone_cowboy t1_je9qxe7 wrote

Time for him to face the music: a paid suspension and transfer to another department.


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_je9zfcc wrote

Sounds about right, gangs and criminals have infiltrated the police on all levels, and then you have the standard police culture, toxic overall just got worse.


Fudgeshovel t1_jebm810 wrote

She then went on to try and blame her house keeper…low life scum


goodboybane t1_jea9hki wrote

WE GOT HIM BOYS! We got the one bad apple! The police are all good now!


Donkeykicks6 t1_jeaixwr wrote

I thought it was illegal immigrants responsible?


Innerouterself2 t1_jeal2tr wrote

Always fear the older white lady. The rules never apply


Kitchen-Entrance8015 t1_je8nuzl wrote

Wow so your union rep was doing some union lines lol doesn't surprise me


katsbro069 t1_jeaj5l6 wrote

But then the evidence was his car.

Not guilty!!

Or something even dumber than that will happen, unless he was trying to be the good cop then it's probably a setup.


Busy_Abroad_1916 t1_je9ifhy wrote

What website did he use… for educational purposes….


Intelligent-Bed-1654 t1_je8u2f2 wrote

Wonder if he used a boat? Or maybe the golems gate bridge?


Laureles2 t1_je9sr53 wrote

Did anyone read the article? It's a SHE.

The Reddit hive mind jumping to conclusions again, most likely assuming it's an older white male of 'privilege' lol


AncianoDark t1_je9xlst wrote

They're clearly focused on it being a COP, you dipshit. Stop trying to obfuscate and lick boots simultaneously.

Edit: lol look at this person's post history. Straight up cop defense all the way down. Pathetic.


Laureles2 t1_je9zcgd wrote

Thank you for the well thought out, balanced, and coherent response.


TjW0569 t1_jeajriu wrote

So you're more concerned with pronouns than drug dealing?


Laureles2 t1_jecdgom wrote

No, just pointing out the hypocrisy of Reddit.