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will_write_for_tacos t1_jaia8jk wrote

I found a salamander in Walmart while shopping once. I picked it up and carried it around with me for a bit until I could get out of the store, walk over to the retention pond, and let him go near the water. The poor thing was drying out, I have no idea how long he'd been in the store.

Weird shit happens in Walmart.


MSGinSC t1_jaj08l6 wrote

Imagine the story it told its friends when it got back to them.


will_write_for_tacos t1_jaj5r7k wrote

Probably a similar tale as the frog who i discovered on my car while going 60mph down a country road. Made the husband pull over so i could rescue him and we turned him loose at a park. Just a fat happy gray tree frog who pissed all over my hand when I plucked him from the corner of my window.


CaptainTrips_19 t1_jajkfbv wrote

They always do that lol, like their way of saying ello.


will_write_for_tacos t1_jajlt8l wrote

Yep, I've had my fair share of amphibian piss attacks over the years. Frogs, salamanders, toads, newts. I wouldn't pick them up if they'd stop getting into weird unsafe places.


MuppetShart t1_janqprd wrote

Wait, so you just let the frog go right there? I hate to break it to you but he didn't tell his froggy friends any tale at all, you dropped him off probably a hundred miles away from home in frog distance. His poor froggy wife, all his little tadpoles, never saw him again.

On the other hand, maybe he knew what he was doing all along and just hitched a ride back on someone else's car. His wife was all, "you never made it to uncle Fred's?" and he was like, "well, I tried, we were well on our way but then the car pulled over and some lady got out and picked me up talking about 'you're safe now, little froggy' and then set me down and drove off without me!" and then the wife, "how inconvenient. Did you pee on her hand?" him, "I peed on her hand."


will_write_for_tacos t1_jantlyf wrote

I thought about that, about how he'd feel so far from home, but the park I put him in is a state park that is absolutely overrun with tree frogs, so I'm sure he adjusted to his new neighborhood and made new froggy friends.


MuppetShart t1_janye1b wrote

I get exactly where you're coming from, I save creatures all the time. I'll even sweep ants up in a dustpan and bring them outside my house. That's trickier than it sounds, you have to shake them off the dustpan into a larger container and transfer them that way, otherwise you won't make it to the door. They don't realize I'm sparing them from the most common fate of being sprayed with poison, so naturally they go ape-shit running up and down and off the dustpan.


PuckFutin69 t1_jamlwgb wrote

I used to do that at the sauerkraut factory, except for frogs and toads by the dozen.