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will_write_for_tacos t1_jantlyf wrote

I thought about that, about how he'd feel so far from home, but the park I put him in is a state park that is absolutely overrun with tree frogs, so I'm sure he adjusted to his new neighborhood and made new froggy friends.


MuppetShart t1_janye1b wrote

I get exactly where you're coming from, I save creatures all the time. I'll even sweep ants up in a dustpan and bring them outside my house. That's trickier than it sounds, you have to shake them off the dustpan into a larger container and transfer them that way, otherwise you won't make it to the door. They don't realize I'm sparing them from the most common fate of being sprayed with poison, so naturally they go ape-shit running up and down and off the dustpan.