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girlfreddyf OP t1_jdj1ivl wrote

If they had no idea that individual cities, provinces, states or countries had rules against Airbnbs I might agree with you. But since rules have been in place (in some locations) for years I'd say they actively ignored them to make the most profit and only decided to do it now because of the liability issues.

And I hope every one of the families sues their gold-plated socks off.


officerfett t1_jdj2yjk wrote

I meant to say they absolutely did know and ignore the amount of listings on their platform that weren't unauthorized. If the platform were to remove unauthorized listings in other provinces and also in the United States, I'm sure it would hurt them..


girlfreddyf OP t1_jdji5z2 wrote

Yup. But they aren't forced or policed like we are, so they only follow rules when it benefits them.


GhostBurger12 t1_jdk7j30 wrote

So airbnb is saying they only respect the French, because they won't let them walk over them without repercussions?