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girlfreddyf OP t1_jdiqgf3 wrote

While it's good Airbnb finally decided to do this I have to wonder why it didn't do it across the board.

Oh wait ... I know why ...


prefuse07 t1_jdj0gog wrote

Yup, gotta keep up that artificial price fixing


officerfett t1_jdizvi2 wrote

I'm pretty sure this is probably more about avoiding sharing in future liabilities for permitting unauthorized listings that result in injury and/or death as opposed to them turning a blind eye to municipal regulations.


girlfreddyf OP t1_jdj1ivl wrote

If they had no idea that individual cities, provinces, states or countries had rules against Airbnbs I might agree with you. But since rules have been in place (in some locations) for years I'd say they actively ignored them to make the most profit and only decided to do it now because of the liability issues.

And I hope every one of the families sues their gold-plated socks off.


officerfett t1_jdj2yjk wrote

I meant to say they absolutely did know and ignore the amount of listings on their platform that weren't unauthorized. If the platform were to remove unauthorized listings in other provinces and also in the United States, I'm sure it would hurt them..


girlfreddyf OP t1_jdji5z2 wrote

Yup. But they aren't forced or policed like we are, so they only follow rules when it benefits them.


GhostBurger12 t1_jdk7j30 wrote

So airbnb is saying they only respect the French, because they won't let them walk over them without repercussions?


TJR843 t1_jdjcydo wrote

Fuck air BNB. They destroy neighborhoods and raise everyone's rent/housing prices.


Bentstrings84 t1_jdjrux3 wrote

Sadly too many in Canada see that as a benefit of Airbnb.


5AlarmFirefly t1_jdleznc wrote

No doubt. It's absolutely nuts trying to find an apartment in this city. Every listing has hundreds of people interested and prices have skyrocketed. Meanwhile I looked up how many airbnbs are in my neighbourhood and on my block alone there were at least 20. I would love it if someone actually fucking did something about it.


gmo_patrol t1_jdr3gyn wrote

If I buy a house and if I make more money with airbnb than renting or selling, why wouldn't I?


TJR843 t1_jdrfpn2 wrote

If personal gain is the only factor in your decision making, then that says a whole hell of a lot about you as a person. Knowing that opening an airbnb, or raising the rent exorbitantly will hurt your neighbors and that neighborhood as a whole and doing it anyway is nothing short of disgusting and immoral.

Housing isn't a want, people need to have a roof over their heads. Turning single family dwellings into the equivalent of a single hotel room is simply bad for society. You wanna go be a hotelier? Go open a hotel.


gmo_patrol t1_jdrmo2r wrote

How will turning it into an air bnb hurt neighbors?


TJR843 t1_jdrnx8a wrote

Causes rents to skyrocket, causes issues for neighbors especially those in the immediate vicinity, breaks up the sense of community and culture neighbors have and pushes lower income people out. Know what happens when you open Airbnbs in a city's China Town? Your city no longer has a China Town.


gmo_patrol t1_jds9012 wrote

So air bnb charges more than landlords? Why wouldn't landlords jack up prices as much if they feel they can?


TJR843 t1_jdsqwif wrote

>So air bnb charges more than landlords?

Per day yes. Also you don't need to have a lease or a tenant with rights when it's a bill per day situation.

>Why wouldn't landlords jack up prices as much if they feel they can?

They do.. Also companies exist that employ algorithms to sell to land leeches landlords to calculate rents/air bnbs/estimated mortgage payments in a given area among other factors to help them jack up the prices every chance they get. It's a big fucking problem.


Bon-_-Ivermectin t1_jdxjdpy wrote

Dude hell yeah brother piss yeah shit yeah dude what's your full name, picture, phone number, and address where you live right now currently?


fancykindofbread t1_jdm2y7l wrote

Airbnb is not the problem. Rent control, rent stabilization and zoning are the problem. If you want to do things to combat it, just do progressive increasing taxes on each Airbnb unit so income on the subsequent Airbnb is higher (ie 10%, 25%, 40% etc).


BatteryAcid67 t1_jdjezxl wrote

If they are unauthorized shouldn't the system have liked flag them and not let them be posted in the first place


girlfreddyf OP t1_jdjhw7y wrote

One would think that but capitalism works under a whole different set of rules than us.


dghughes t1_jdjms1z wrote

If it was an English word on a sign 1mm bigger than French then Quebec would be on it in a minute.


ATMbappe t1_jdiyory wrote

feel like it would be easy to track and easy for airbnb to implement on their end


girlfreddyf OP t1_jdj0qze wrote

But then they'd have to actually work for their billions in profit.


binzoma t1_jdlsu4l wrote

their business model relies on cities/countries not enforcing their own laws/policies. if the regions going to enforce them, its better business for aBNB to just bail. same as any scam. once a mark passes the 'they're smarter than an absolute fucking moron' test, its on to the next potential victim


AstroZombie29 t1_jdo3hgt wrote

There's more AirBnBs in downtown Montreal than actual people living there. Its absolutely ridiculous and I hope every single one of them gets fucked financially


girlfreddyf OP t1_jdoa5z2 wrote

Yup. I'd feel the same if every major city in the world shut them down as well.


gmo_patrol t1_jdr3jnr wrote

How would that even happen? They could just rent them without airbnb


AstroZombie29 t1_jdrgi0y wrote

At least that would actually offer some housing during a housing crisis and not just line the pocket of some slimy landlord. A lease at least offers some contractual obligations that protects everyone involved.


gmo_patrol t1_jdrly6m wrote

Good point. I don't know the specifics hence the questions