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pegothejerk t1_jd4lpl4 wrote

Man, that’s a lot of wives that are gonna have a bad time unless they get to a shelter or friends house with the kids.


girlfreddyf t1_jd4p112 wrote

No addresses were published.

" ... 9,300 city police officers’ photos, complete with their names, ethnicity, rank, date of hire, division/bureau and badge numbers."


Jeffuary t1_jd4pvhl wrote

The joke was that the cops are going to beat their wives out of anger, not that someone else is going to hurt them


MGD109 t1_jd5sosx wrote

Ah the joys of reddit, where real life horrors get turned into jokes to net upvotes.


bayareamota t1_jd5ulxg wrote

Yeah I know 40% is a lot of partners getting beat


Mooniedog t1_jd5vb5n wrote

That’s the self-reported number; the actual figure is likely significantly higher.


MGD109 t1_jd5v5ki wrote

Yeah I feel you missed my point.


impy695 t1_jd5wvri wrote

Oh, they understood, there's just a lot of people on reddit who don't actually care about police brutality and all the other issues surrounding police.


MGD109 t1_jd5x7zn wrote

Not beyond it getting them upvotes no sadly.


YomiKuzuki t1_jd6qb6w wrote

You mean at all right? I suggest you take s quick pit stop to r/protectandserve to see part of why people on reddit beat point in like how they beat their wives.

Because maybe one day it'll stick to actually hold them fucking accountable for their shit.


MGD109 t1_jd7ioqz wrote

Yeah I wouldn't hold your breath, shockingly jokes on social media don't usually do much to actually make meaningful change.

That usually requires actual effort.


NarcissusCloud t1_jd7oa4r wrote

Well as much effort as you've put in to complaining about people joking, I'm sure you've also done actual work to help with the problem as well? Link me the site you've built to raise awareness? Or show us the evidence of donations to the cause? I mean there has to be more to helping than just shit talking people who make jokes.


MGD109 t1_jd7ov4k wrote

You want me to give you access to my personal details and private finances online?

Yeah as fishing scams go this isn't a particularly good one.


NarcissusCloud t1_jd7pe2i wrote

Nah, I want you to show us something that indicates you're out here doing the good work. I'm sure you've done something worthy that wouldn't require your personal assets to be shared.


MGD109 t1_jd7pkjs wrote

Well how exactly am I supposed to prove I've done it, without sharing my personal information?

Do you think I use the same username for Reddit for everything I do online?


NarcissusCloud t1_jd7qo15 wrote

None of it matters because clearly you've missed the point. The point is, I have absolutely no clue what you do or don't do to support any given cause. The most I could do is search your reddit comments if I cared enough. Just as you have no clue what anyone here has done outside of their comments. Yet here you are calling everyone out for not doing enough to raise awareness. Just because all you see are the jokes, that doesn't mean they aren't doing more.


MGD109 t1_jd7rjcg wrote

I mean your right I don't know what these people do. For all I know they could be dedicated social activists. If they are good for them.

My overall point though wasn't that they weren't doing enough to deal with the issue, more that I felt the jokes were in bad taste and didn't buy the justification that they were "raising awareness."

When its a joke guaranteed to appear on any thread that even mentions the police at least six times, then its safe to say people are already aware.

This is just blatant upvote farming.


NarcissusCloud t1_jd7t4zc wrote

Ok, I would definitely agree with that. I highly doubt any of these jokes are being made with the explicit goal of raising awareness. I would argue that unless you have a large dedicated audience, you're never actually joking to raise awareness. My apologies, I misunderstood what you were going for.


MGD109 t1_jd7tzo1 wrote

Thanks, honestly its my fault I wasn't clear enough what I was complaining about.


NarcissusCloud t1_jd7udlq wrote

Nah, I think it's more mine. It's early and I'm at work so when I read comments, sometimes I see the words but not the intent because I'm just skimming.


MGD109 t1_jd7uudu wrote

Well we've all been there mate. Still its hard to gage intent sometimes with just text.

I hope you have a quick and easy day.


k3tam1nec0wb0y t1_jd5uq1e wrote

Hey if your cop husband or wife is beating you, this is call for you to get help.


MGD109 t1_jd5v9c6 wrote

Well I sure hope the jokes carry on being calls to help to all those poor people being abused.

If not, well what more can they expect than nothing?


k3tam1nec0wb0y t1_jd5w4vu wrote

Statistically abuse victims don’t reach out to law enforcement BECAUSE of their reputation. Lucky you haven’t had experience with this.


MGD109 t1_jd5wjdx wrote

Yeah I know.

So I'm going to assume your going to tell me how you feel making jokes about the issue is going to help anything?


k3tam1nec0wb0y t1_jd5wl6g wrote

It wasn’t a joke?


MGD109 t1_jd5wtky wrote

So you seriously think I might feel the entire matter is a little tasteless cause I'm married to a cop who's beating me?


k3tam1nec0wb0y t1_jd5w7wq wrote

Friends of family are more likely to provide some sort of protection, even if only temporary.


MGD109 t1_jd5wm8k wrote

Oh boy you really don't know how this works do you?


Art-Zuron t1_jd84s65 wrote

Dude, take your collective 500 down votes on thie chain and give up.


MGD109 t1_jd85k04 wrote

I haven't said anymore on the matter save in response now have I?


Cfp0001-Iceman t1_jd7ccls wrote

Comedy doesn't discriminate. Gilbert Gottfried did a 9/11 joke two weeks later.

Yeah, some jokes are dark and it's a way for some to cope with horrible things in life. Only by making it something we can laugh about does it become something not so overwhelmingly bad that you can process a bit of it little by little. Can't do something about something you're too afraid to deal with.


MGD109 t1_jd7igv5 wrote

Well I suppose that's fair enough. I understand the value of dark humour.

I don't know I guess its just when you keep saying the same jokes over and over again, you start to feel its more your mocking the people suffering rather than anything else. A few responses I've got certainly haven't helped with that perception.


DeutschlandOderBust t1_jd8ywbt wrote

More like using humor to shine a light on all the atrocities we suffer.


MGD109 t1_jd9zrxc wrote

If you say so. I mean I can understand that argument, but when its gotten to the point that literally everyone does it multiple times, it becomes a bit hard to believe their is any light left to shine.


DeutschlandOderBust t1_jda2dzm wrote

Until people in power are willing to listen, humor is all we have.


MGD109 t1_jda2unj wrote

I mean isn't their still voting, vandalism, harassment, protesting, striking, civil disobedience, rioting and random mayhem rebellion?

I kind of feel all of them are a bit more effective than humour.


Ooh_its_a_lady t1_jd4t44l wrote

Hmm seems like an issue that could have been avoided by allowing people with higher IQs to apply. -sips tea


Witchgrass t1_jd5d5u9 wrote

But then they won’t be brainless violent automatons of the state and if they aren’t that then what are they


slipsect t1_jd57ik5 wrote

Something tells me you'll just find guys who are smarter about beating their wives. It takes a certain controlling personality to even want to be a cop in the first place.


NotADeadHorse t1_jd6htpo wrote

I used to wanna be a cop for years.

My reasoning was "drive around in a decent car you don't have to pay for, maybe write a ticket for someone going too fast, and do some paperwork all day"


yuefairchild t1_jd6c8u7 wrote

It's more like the nature of being a cop brings out those shitty elements of yourself.