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CheeseStandsAlone262 t1_jamczjj wrote

Well, this puts them out of step with a lot of other countries in their region, as well the broad trend throughout central and South America. Notably, same-sex marriage is now legal in all four of the big "anchor" countries of the Spanish-speaking world [Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina]

Hopefully that increases popular pressure for change.


gods_Lazy_Eye t1_jamnwp7 wrote

Of all the Central and South American countries I’ve visited, Panama was one of the most conservative. I had a couple of experiences that led me to believe that they are racist against Mexicans. It was interesting experience, I would not move there.


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gods_Lazy_Eye t1_jao0t6q wrote

This is an amazingly accurate description of what it felt like to be there. Thank you for saying what I could not.


Flexo-Specialist t1_jaoqjej wrote

>but the people at the top are almost exclusively white and of European descent.

What country are we talking about again...


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CZJayG t1_janndf7 wrote

That's a great description of this country. It's difficult for people to understand just how weird and complex society is here. I mean, we had this gay marriage ban happen but at the same time we have the Pride parade and, depending where you are, people are relatively open with no issues. Of course a huge issue here is also the education system. Public schools aren't great and most Panamanians cannot afford a private education so you get backwards thinking on issues such as this.


[deleted] t1_jan7gbu wrote

There so much international business there too you'd think there would be enough people around accepting of it.


nullshark t1_jalwfw2 wrote

Well I'd say 'grow the hell up... You backwards thinking bigots... It's 2023.'


Nefarious_Turtle t1_jan8ib9 wrote

>The court added the family code was "objectively and reasonably justified in the general interests of giving precedence to those unions capable of establishing families, giving continuity to the human species, and therefore, to society."

You can tell its a Catholic country. Also, dubious use of the word "objective" there. I doubt gay people are gonna start having hetero sex to start families just because they can't get married.

I wonder if they'd be fine with laws banning the marriages of the elderly, the infertile, or those who have had elective sterilization (vasectomy, tubes tied) then?


GoddessPurpleFrost t1_jao30my wrote

> giving continuity to the human species

Ah, so barren men and women in relationships also cant be married either. Oh, wait, sorry, that would mean some sort of consistency and not applying the laws solely based on some hateful nonsense belief, my bad!


CZJayG t1_jaob1x3 wrote

Well, here in Panama if the woman is barren, her husband will just knock up his mistress. If the man is barren, it's the woman's fault. Amazing values here.


allonzeeLV t1_jaotbhj wrote

Panama on marrying the one you love: Not on my watch!

Panama on basically being a major central bank for the illegal profits of everyone from to blood diamond warlords to global oligarchs to child sex trafficers: This is fine!


arbivark OP t1_jap1kvb wrote

maybe the couple should form a partnership agreement or a limited liability company.


Accomplished_Side_33 t1_jalwkn0 wrote

Goodbye to your tourist industry.


fvb955cd t1_jam9pou wrote

Panama has never had to rely on the tourism industry on account of the whole canal and tax haven "industries"

Its like warning Idaho that tourists won't want to visit. Tourists don't visit already, no loss to them


CZJayG t1_jan6d57 wrote


Tourism is literally one of, if not the biggest industries here in Panama.

Edit: Downvoted for the truth? Unless all those tourists I see everywhere are just a figment of my imagination.


fvb955cd t1_jana059 wrote

Tourism was 10% of the GDP at its height. Contrast with other central American and carribean nations that have tourism as 20-50% of their GDP. The canal is the biggest industry in Panama. It is quite literally the most important canal on the planet.


CZJayG t1_janb3by wrote

Yes, but the majority of money from the canal goes right back into it, not to the people. Tourism is huge here, since the government decided to start focusing more on that to make money. So now a lot of focus is switching to that. Pretty sure that's why they allow the Pride parade actually.


CZJayG t1_jan6ryl wrote

Unfortunately that's how it is here. Religious nuts are in charge and there is no way around it. A huge majority of the population supports this nonsense. However, this decision was also based on wording from our constitution though I'm not exactly familiar with that stuff.

Yet we have a fucking Pride parade now every year.


Such-Armadillo8047 t1_jamtilp wrote

Idk if Panama is a member or signatory to the IAHCR, but that’s probably the last resort because Panama is very socially conservative at the moment.


Pimpwerx t1_jaq5pd5 wrote

Welcome to the wrong side of history.


[deleted] t1_jamtzc6 wrote

Why can't all these degenerate homophobes move to Panama and leave the rest of civilization to better itself?


Takina_sOldPairTM t1_jalzclw wrote

Tourism industry be like: not stonks

Suddenly becomes a bit less friendly, in spite of having visa-free entry(?)