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CheeseStandsAlone262 t1_jamczjj wrote

Well, this puts them out of step with a lot of other countries in their region, as well the broad trend throughout central and South America. Notably, same-sex marriage is now legal in all four of the big "anchor" countries of the Spanish-speaking world [Spain, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina]

Hopefully that increases popular pressure for change.


gods_Lazy_Eye t1_jamnwp7 wrote

Of all the Central and South American countries I’ve visited, Panama was one of the most conservative. I had a couple of experiences that led me to believe that they are racist against Mexicans. It was interesting experience, I would not move there.


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gods_Lazy_Eye t1_jao0t6q wrote

This is an amazingly accurate description of what it felt like to be there. Thank you for saying what I could not.


Flexo-Specialist t1_jaoqjej wrote

>but the people at the top are almost exclusively white and of European descent.

What country are we talking about again...


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CZJayG t1_janndf7 wrote

That's a great description of this country. It's difficult for people to understand just how weird and complex society is here. I mean, we had this gay marriage ban happen but at the same time we have the Pride parade and, depending where you are, people are relatively open with no issues. Of course a huge issue here is also the education system. Public schools aren't great and most Panamanians cannot afford a private education so you get backwards thinking on issues such as this.


[deleted] t1_jan7gbu wrote

There so much international business there too you'd think there would be enough people around accepting of it.