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billpalto t1_jdhznqj wrote

We did nothing after the Saudis destroyed the World Trade Center on 9/11. We protected them, let them leave the country, won't unseal the documents that show their collusion with the terrorists.

But we did invade Iraq, for some odd reason. Of course, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

Here we are retaliating against Iranian-backed groups. So we made allies of those who attacked us (Saudis), and made enemies of those who have never attacked us here in the US (Iran).



pegothejerk t1_jdi0wd0 wrote

Iran has attacked us soldiers and interests a shit ton outside the US, they rely heavily on proxy wars to get their displeasure with us across as well. Anyone who thinks Iran has never attacked the US hasn't been paying attention. Mostly they are pissed at our efforts to keep them from developing and setting lose in terror circles nuclear arms. We cripple them with sanctions to punish their efforts on that front and in their military support and strikes against our own bases, soldiers, and those of our allies and interests.


tandemxylophone t1_jdllpim wrote

Iran does it, but US also does a tonne of proxy war as well. The US's favourite tactic overseas is destabilise by funding the opposition. China's is offer loans to crippled dictators in exchange for military amd economic beneficial agreement. Iran's is also destabilisation (Soleimani was very fond of this) by funding their Islamic allies, considered terrorists by the US.

Pretty much anyone who chose destabilisation devastared that country, because all they did was destroy the system (Libya, Iraq, Lebanon) without something else to replace it with.

We also have to be careful of abusing Sanctions as a weapon of war because it's it relies on the US being a superpower and having alliance. African countries are alliancing with China now because they don't know if their dictator will be replaced by US next. There'll be a time when the voice of Sanction may flip to China's interest, rather than the US.


billpalto t1_jdi1gwn wrote

No Islamic terrorist attack in the US has come from Iran, they almost all came from Saudi Arabia.


decomposition_ t1_jdi4tiu wrote

Yes, you are making a point that the other guy isn’t talking about. If you wanna cherry pick and make some niche argument then yes, Iran hasn’t done what you’re saying. But if you want to be reasonable and pragmatic, Iran has caused the deaths of many US service members and acted directly against American interests countless times.

This is like trying to make a point that Ted Bundy never killed anyone in Vermont when the conversation is about serial killers.


billpalto t1_jdi8q7p wrote

I was just pointing out how odd it seems to me that one country has attacked us here at home, multiple times, and we made allies of them.

Another country has never attacked us here at home, and we call them the enemy.


WirelessBCupSupport t1_jdi8qpn wrote

Do your history study on Arabs. It will explain alot.

"Its business. If it wasn't, there would be knife in your back".


Keylime29 t1_jdk5b62 wrote

The attacks are more cyber style and are financial and political than any religious motivation. (That is my understanding)


CriticalMembership31 t1_jdk04d4 wrote

The nationality thing is always so funny to me, like are people really this simple that they think countries are responsible for the actions of their citizens? By this logic, New Zealand should have gone after Australia after the Christchurch terrorist attack.