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pk10534 t1_japs875 wrote

Is anyone gonna talk about the fact that after his arrest, the city council thanked him for his service…? Like what? I don’t care if he built the city from the ground up, why tf would you say that to somebody who just got indicted on 56 counts of CP possession??


Monterey-Jack t1_japuwso wrote

AND distribution, that's a big one.


Induane t1_jb20mb6 wrote

If he used a torrent site then sometimes the distribution charge is an artifact of that tech rather than intentional distribution.

Of course I'd he was just spreading it around on purpose then extra extra extra F him.


fullload93 t1_jaq3g5u wrote

I understand exactly what you’re saying. But the rule of “innocent until proven guilty” still stands true. The city council is not going to slander and say shit about him cause if somehow the police fuck up the investigation and he gets off free, then they set themselves up for a civil lawsuit for defamation. Again I’m not disagreeing with you. I think they could have left the “thank you” part out.


pk10534 t1_jaq9fgf wrote

Oh no I agree! I’m not saying they need to lambast him but thanking him for his service seems a bit unnecessary too lol


420ipblood t1_jaqeb8g wrote

So you don't agree but you say you do?


pk10534 t1_jaqeelb wrote

I literally just said all I wanted for them was to leave the “thank you” part out, which is what your last sentence said? What do I disagree with you on?


tinnylemur189 t1_jaqgmmj wrote

They should just say nothing then. Both positive and negative statements have huge downsides so just let him silently leave without singing his praises.


rpoliticsmodshateme t1_jat2eor wrote

People should be more suspicious of child pornography charges, especially involving people of political importance.

It’s not well known, but there are people on the dark web who will “contract” services such as planting illegal content on a targets computer and then alerting authorities. Basically instead of assassinating someone directly, you “assassinate” their character. Child porn is among the worst things someone can be associated with, and no one is going to risk defending someone accused of having it by digging deeper.

Now there’s no way to know if that’s what actually happened in any particular case, but it does happen and it’s not something the general public is aware of.


CarltonSagot t1_jar5o59 wrote

"Our people will get more from the idea he represented than from the jelly bean he actually was."


Crazyhates t1_jaswldc wrote

Well you can still do your job and be a criminal. They're not mutually exclusive.


emporerpuffin t1_jap2vip wrote

You just never know! It could be anyone, but seems to usually be a man is some sort of position of authority.


firem1ndr t1_japge6w wrote

eh probably not that’s just the ones you hear about


asdaaaaaaaa t1_jaq99xo wrote

Agreed. I'd imagine it's like everything else where you're really only hearing about a very small subset of the actual problem, and only the dumbest/most careless get caught.


ChiralWolf t1_jar4mzi wrote

Plus people in authority make a much better story than some random dude no one's heard of. Just happens that in America thanks to decades of sexism, etc. that those positions of authority have been overwhelmingly filled by old white men


fvb955cd t1_jaqznzi wrote

Yeah I woke up one day to a bunch of state patrol and a big "cyber enforcement division" truck outside on a neighboring street. Turns out a guy got busted for possession and distribution. It got maybe a paragraph from the local news blogs and another after conviction. Not a whole lot to say about it, the guy was a nobody. I'm sure that's not unusual that it just goes on in the background and most folks don't notice.


prailock t1_jarbmrs wrote

Yup, used to defend these kinds of cases in the public defender's office. Never had a high profile one. It was pretty much run of the mill kind of people; tech support, mechanic. Normal every day kind of jobs.


TheWicked77 t1_jap8sfo wrote

Agreed but of all things child porn. That's the lowest of the low.


xzombielegendxx t1_jaqvo7b wrote

Pedophiles can be anyone, anywhere from your local shopkeeper to even a Sheriff, it could even be your family or an Italian mafia boss. You will never know until they’re exposed


Richanddead10 t1_japkb4j wrote

It’s Maryland, it’s really not unusual for a mayor to be arrested before they complete their term there. Seriously.


Witchgrass t1_jaqwoea wrote

Does that mean they are unusually corrupt or that they don’t stand for corruption


fvb955cd t1_jar0wiu wrote

They're usually Baltimore mayors and they always love them some corruption.


StringerBel-Air t1_jarsbq6 wrote

13 mayors since 2021 for child sex crimes. They're trying to overtake teachers and priests as the lead occupation for kiddie diddlers.


Bitter_Director1231 t1_jaqzyg0 wrote

Ugh, not so much he had it, but the fact he had that much makes me ill. That means it's child sexual assault is happening alot more than we think.

You cant possess that much unless it's going on repeatedly most of the time. These mother fuckers need to just be put on a remote island far away and left there.

Need to not only go after him, even the ones that got it through his distribution


13thmurder t1_jar1vr1 wrote

They actually tried that remote island thing a bit back, it didn't go well.


CedarWolf t1_jarw8te wrote

When and where?


13thmurder t1_jarwn3n wrote

Not sure where, but a lot of rich people liked to vacation there.


CedarWolf t1_jarx521 wrote

Oh! Right. Epstein's island.

I thought you meant they'd stranded a bunch of criminals on an island somewhere like a penal colony, and I couldn't figure out which country you were talking about, because that happened several times in history.


easy_Money t1_jat2gjf wrote

The part of this I find most shocking is that College Park has a mayor.


Roundaboutsix t1_jbbs22k wrote

Pete Buttigieg’s good buddy. This guy should call in PB as a character witness at the trial. Reminisce about all of the good times they used to have. (Do wonders for PB’s next Presidential run showing his appeal to all kinds of people.)


Ok_Storm_8533 t1_jasymny wrote

I was doing research! Just like Pete Townsend. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


lordfuckwad89 t1_jb6a64h wrote

Big surprise, a politician turns out to be a piece of shit...


[deleted] t1_jar0f1c wrote



lewoo7 t1_jar2y1d wrote

Biased? You haven't been paying attention. Many of these stories dont include party and especially if the person's office is non-partisan. I've read so many posts where commenters complain they had to google to find the porn dude was GOP


AppleAtrocity t1_jarjqss wrote

The thing people say when it's a Republican is "I didn't even have to check" which means party affiliation is left out of the headline most of the time, right?


shaniusc t1_jape54v wrote

Not a good look for him and his platform 😕


oh-propagandhi t1_jasqdjh wrote

His platform doesn't seem to be supporting or defending him in any manner so unless your point is that party affiliation makes other individuals complicit...somehow.


[deleted] t1_japlyv7 wrote



Gloriathewitch t1_jaqnqsj wrote

Every large enough group of human beings unfortunately contains some small percentage of pedophiles.

This isn't a party thing, this is a he's human waste thing.


TriclopeanWrath t1_jap7z7t wrote

Oh shit it's Pete Buttgiegs buddy.

edit: Why is this getting down voted?


ninjadude93 t1_jappg4j wrote

Its getting downvoted because you've made what seems like a poor attempt to imply buttigieg is also a pedo by association and I assume the intent is to slander all democrats as well. Whatever the case its irrelvant to the issue so you're getting downvoted


TriclopeanWrath t1_jaqqt9g wrote

"Pedophile had close relationship with prominent politician!"


"Pedophile had close relationship with prominent Democrat!"



ninjadude93 t1_jar34tu wrote

Whatever, you asked why you were getting downvoted either in bad faith or because you can't self reflect on your own actions lol


TriclopeanWrath t1_jarmj5y wrote

My action was pointing out the political connections of a child pornographer. If he was Republican affiliated, would your reaction be the same?


ninjadude93 t1_jarvtmc wrote

Yeah if he was republican affiliated I still dont think it would matter to this discussion. Theres plenty of examples of sexual abuse from people in power regardless of political leaning seems to be a common theme among the ultra rich


whynotjoin t1_jarseo9 wrote

“Politician was close to another politician” just isn’t as salacious huh?

That seems like a far more likely connection point. Bet you could dig up all sorts of Republican arrestees associated with prominent national Republican politicians. But that’s never been newsworthy either.


walkandtalkk t1_jark0ur wrote

It's not really newsworthy.

Could you link to your post about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert (Republican) recently being convicted of child molestation, or of any of his associations with current Republican lawmakers?


TriclopeanWrath t1_jarm4y7 wrote

No, because I didn't make one. If I go back far enough into my post history, though, I can find posts about the Republican call-boy White house scandal, (repuplican) Lawrence Kings Savings and loan scandal, Roy Cohn's special relationship with Trump, etc...

Should I stick to ONLY pointing out Republican-afffiliated pedos, and avoid the Democrat-affiliated ones? Would that make you happy?


oh-propagandhi t1_jasq1ty wrote

You seem to miss the point. If a guy who works with you, whom you go out for beer and wings with, turns out to be a pedophile, that shouldn't reflect on you at all should it?


TriclopeanWrath t1_jax4s9m wrote

If I had a very high level security clearance it most certainly would


oh-propagandhi t1_jayycef wrote

1.3 million people have top secret clearance. There's statistically some creeps in that pool.


[deleted] t1_japa2mr wrote

Oh shit, for once it's not a republican.


bouldersizedboulder t1_japb95l wrote

Well yeah if it was a Republican they wouldn't get arrested they'd get a promotion


[deleted] t1_japh74j wrote

Yeah, but considering it's a democrat, odds are they'll get ousted same as de Blasio.

Not that I'm suggesting a difference in response to sexual misconduct between the two parties has led to one developing a culture of sexual misconduct and a consequential greater likelihood of committing such acts. Both sides, am I right?


[deleted] t1_jaq1e84 wrote

> edit: Why is this getting down voted?

I dunno. Why's your first thought with this story to try and link it to a prominent gay politician? Why're you linking to a writer for the Post Millennial, a right wing publication that's playing into the moral panic over drag queens? Why's this addon mark your account as LGBT-hostile? Why's your whole post feel like it's leaning into the right's ongoing campaign to pedojacket the LGBT community? Why's it feel like you thought you were being slick, but when people saw right through you, you figured you'd act taken aback, and the hope is people who're none the wiser'll think the downvotes're an overreaction if not an active attempt to cover something up?


TriclopeanWrath t1_jaqqnqp wrote

I google searched for more info on this guy, and found that Twitter thread. The fact that this is a politically connected pedo seemed newsworthy l, so I added it.

I have no idea what the fuck 'shinigami eyes' is or what it has to do with a reddit account. You'll have to walk me through that one.

'pedojacket' lol.

If pedos are exploiting kids, they should be exposed. If those pedos are politically connected, that should be explored. It shouldn't matter if they belong to a group you consider to be 'your team'.


MrFuzzyPaw t1_jap9mlj wrote


(E: IF) I had a buddy that murdered his kids. Does that mean I'm a murderer by association?


cricket9818 t1_jaqsorx wrote

Because you’re doing that thing where you’re hoping like minded lazy people like yourself will see this and think “see democrats are pedos too!”


TriclopeanWrath t1_jarlid1 wrote

Some are, yeah.

Pointing out the power relationships of criminals is important. If those was a story about Roy Cohn, would you get pissy when I point outhewas Trumps close friend and political ally?


Saint_Buttcheeks t1_jaqtcvp wrote

What a ridiculous correlation. That’s like If your best friend gets busted for CP, we all go, “Oh shit! It’s TriclopeanWrath’s buddy.”