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chewytime t1_jd1lhx9 wrote

What’s weird for me is that the series ended at least 20 years ago which means he would’ve been around his early/mid-40s when it started yet in my mind’s eye he was always like mid-50s for some reason. He just seemed like he was older to begin with.


binzoma t1_jd1xwxh wrote

yeah fucking hell, in my teens when I was watching og iron chef I thought they were all super old vets/masters etc. not just a few years older than me now


ShogunFirebeard t1_jd4eje9 wrote

That applies to a lot of television shows. People just looked older than they were back then.


mokutou t1_jd7ij9t wrote

I’ve never worked BoH but from what I gather from those that have, working in kitchens will age the fuck out of you. It’s hard on your body and spirit.