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jetbag513 t1_jdjazyv wrote

So does his brother:

"67-year-old Darrell Christopher Fuson was issued a citation on March 13 for an incident that occurred on Saturday, February 26, at Rotary Park in Clarksville. Two witnesses told deputies that Fuson was actively masturbating in plain view, approximately fifteen feet from them. Fuson admitted to the activity and was later issued a citation for two counts of indecent exposure."

So, issued a citation on 3/13 for an incident occurring 2/26. I HIGHLY doubt this has anything to do with the sheriff's decision either, right?


Almostdonehere74 t1_jdjd1ox wrote

Nope, no way that affected his decision at all. He's just seen the light is all. /s They sound like a lovely bunch of upstanding citizens, don't they? But if you asked the sheriff, I'm sure he would say that they are good people who just made a few mistakes, and that we shouldn't be so quick to judge. Amazing how these people develop a love for tolerance and patience when it's their family that's involved.


jetbag513 t1_jdjgqac wrote

I bet you these people HATE the digital age. Far harder to make things "go away" like it was when it was paperwork, etc. Still the good old boys network, but it takes some skill and brains to get away with shit like this these days. 2 things most of these fuckwits are severely lacking.


Almostdonehere74 t1_jdjhfxo wrote

Oh absolutely!! At least it's so much easier to shine a light on these people and their shitty actions. They run like cockroaches from being outed as the scum they are. I'm sure there's a ton of behind the scenes complaining about how "it was so much easier back in the day to get away with things". Lot more scrutiny now, which is a good thing. What's depressing, though, is how so many get outed and still continue with no/few consequences.


jetbag513 t1_jdjkrq6 wrote

Right? The shit they pull knowing full well they're on camera (several sometimes) and still don't give a shit is astounding to me. What's really scary is god only knows what went on before the full-transparency age. I shudder to think. That is, when they are even WEARING their bodycams and didn't "forget to turn them on" or "they're not working" bullshit line.