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squarepeg0000 t1_jd7u271 wrote

No mention on what caused this to happen.


gtmattz t1_jd8pb3e wrote

Paraphrased from the article: "Strong winds caused the ship to become dislodged from its holdings while in drydock". Seems like they do mention the cause.


GMFPs_sweat_towel t1_jd8np1t wrote

Probably because it only happened hours ago. I'm sure there will be an investigation, but clueless speculation is not helpful.


Shradow t1_jd8ggyz wrote

Well a wave hit it.


AdventureBum t1_jd8ks93 wrote

Is that typical?


-RadarRanger- t1_jd89pne wrote

My first thought is a malfunctioning ballast pump and valve.


1776cookies t1_jd7x9tp wrote

"wind," which I really doubt.


Cyanopicacooki t1_jd7z2cm wrote

I don't - it may be small beer, but I was literally blown off my bike this morning, and I've a lot less area to pick up the wind.


Jampine t1_jd8b9kt wrote

It is hecking wimdy in Newcastle today, so it sounds about right.


DeMalgamnated t1_jd7wvue wrote

if someone mentions godzilla or aliens i will...


let them mention it and then downvote them.