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PitifulNose t1_jefn9rm wrote

The cartels will be offering 100,000 as ransom though, so I don’t know…. Maybe there is an arbitrage opportunity here?


bigredjet t1_jefo3ur wrote

Probably not the cartels that did it.The cartels are very keen to not have the US park an aircraft carrier in the sea of Cortez and start droning the shit out of them.


thisonesforthetoys t1_jefzjzo wrote

The US has aircraft carriers full of drones?


EcoAffinity t1_jeg0lp5 wrote

It's probably easier to ask what they don't have


sgtabn173 t1_jegeeom wrote

Affordable healthcare


EcoAffinity t1_jegkevn wrote

I mean, the government has decent healthcare, especially for politicians. The People though, screw em.


Czyzx t1_jegx58s wrote

Actually the military has that too, it’s called Tricare.


TheB1GLebowski t1_jegio7k wrote

Working government.


Waste-Worth-1047 t1_jego3v3 wrote

reproductive care for female sailors


Odd-Employment2517 t1_jegq0ys wrote

I get what u mean but the DoD will pay for out of state abortions without a medical need they are one of the better aspects of medical care and coverage in the US and are closer to what we all should have. It's regular folks that don't get reproductive care specifically in red states.


DistortoiseLP t1_jeg63we wrote

Remember J-UCAS? The navy took ownership of that and evolved it into a number of UAV programs compatible with the carriers.

Remember, you only found out the US equipped Hellfire missiles with swords that can assassinate a man in their home when they deployed it. So while you know they already have a refuelling drone and all the investments necessary to launch drones like that from carriers, don't expect to find out a strike platform is ready until it already struck something.


4runninglife t1_jeh2h43 wrote

When i was in Iraq the drones were launched from a small field next to our motorpool, so Im sure they probably can just launch them from Ft. Hood.


jdfred06 t1_jeg4cv0 wrote

If not now, probably by tomorrow if necessary.


HeraldofblueRP t1_jegkkit wrote

For one citizen. Very unlikely. Look at the past few years with other citizens


GregorSamsaa t1_jegubb1 wrote

I don’t get why people think this is a possibility lol

It’s such US jingoism to think that the US would go to war so easily, especially in what’s considered an ally country like Mexico.

Yes, they’ll likely escalate pressure on Mexico, and also push for joint efforts to tackle on cartel issues if it became an endemic problem where cartel war was spilling over the border. M

However, crimes happening IN Mexico to US citizens the response would be so muted to the point of seeming ineffective much like what we see now.


that_yeg_guy t1_jegucpw wrote

It’s cute you think the US would do that for a single average citizen. Deluded, but cute.


Porkchopp33 t1_jegl8xu wrote

American citizens get out of Mexico 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


HEYitsSPIDEY t1_jeg8w2q wrote

Cartel probably isn’t involved in that. They don’t like to get mixed up with Americans unless they need to because then our government gets nosey and it causes them a lot of problems.


pies4days t1_jegomy6 wrote

Pay cartel 100k and then give her to fbi for 40k. How do I short this?


ForkShirtUp t1_jefor57 wrote

She was kidnapped in November and now suddenly they want to get off their asses?

Also how much for the dog?


riptide81 t1_jefuyvj wrote

I would think the preferred option is the try and recover her quietly. Raising the profile risks them just making her disappear permanently.


fjmj1980 t1_jegxbdf wrote

I doubt the cartels would want this. They make way more by other means and even 100k is chump change for an operation taking months. There is a slim chance she’s involved in some seedy stuff. Either way I’m not certain that escalating this to an international incident will be helpful in the long run for any party.


[deleted] t1_jegzz8r wrote



Death1323 t1_jeh4brg wrote

A better question is why anyone would go to mexico in the first place.


VaderHadNoFriends t1_jegv1jb wrote

She’s probably dead by now. The cartels don’t give a shit about women and see them as sex slaves.


madlad202020 t1_jeguwu4 wrote

Perfect. Make it profitable again.


MrTraps t1_jeg6fzp wrote

Why are Americans walking around in Mexico as though they are safe?


Odd-Employment2517 t1_jegq97m wrote

Kind of the same thing you would ask walking around on the US based on our crime rates