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thisonesforthetoys t1_jefzjzo wrote

The US has aircraft carriers full of drones?


EcoAffinity t1_jeg0lp5 wrote

It's probably easier to ask what they don't have


sgtabn173 t1_jegeeom wrote

Affordable healthcare


EcoAffinity t1_jegkevn wrote

I mean, the government has decent healthcare, especially for politicians. The People though, screw em.


Czyzx t1_jegx58s wrote

Actually the military has that too, it’s called Tricare.


TheB1GLebowski t1_jegio7k wrote

Working government.


Waste-Worth-1047 t1_jego3v3 wrote

reproductive care for female sailors


Odd-Employment2517 t1_jegq0ys wrote

I get what u mean but the DoD will pay for out of state abortions without a medical need they are one of the better aspects of medical care and coverage in the US and are closer to what we all should have. It's regular folks that don't get reproductive care specifically in red states.


DistortoiseLP t1_jeg63we wrote

Remember J-UCAS? The navy took ownership of that and evolved it into a number of UAV programs compatible with the carriers.

Remember, you only found out the US equipped Hellfire missiles with swords that can assassinate a man in their home when they deployed it. So while you know they already have a refuelling drone and all the investments necessary to launch drones like that from carriers, don't expect to find out a strike platform is ready until it already struck something.


4runninglife t1_jeh2h43 wrote

When i was in Iraq the drones were launched from a small field next to our motorpool, so Im sure they probably can just launch them from Ft. Hood.


jdfred06 t1_jeg4cv0 wrote

If not now, probably by tomorrow if necessary.