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008Zulu t1_jdguiv5 wrote

How long before the ask back the stuff they already sent?


edingerc t1_jdh2fnr wrote

Dear Afghanistan, Would you please send us the AK’s we left in your country in the 70’s? I know you told us to clean up our room but I assume you just put our stuff in a box in the attic. Love, V


truecore t1_jdgxh8f wrote

They already got it back from Belarus, probably without a refund. Lukashenko is a joke.


Ramazoninthegrass t1_jdgvcuy wrote

They still have modern equipment, it is placed in strategic defence and border CH positions. They just have no more to use on conscripts for the meat grinder.


sjfiuauqadfj t1_jdhnm1r wrote

given how shitty russias equipment is, maybe india will sell it back to russia so that they can buy superior equipment