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ilikepizza2much t1_javqnts wrote

That same selfish shit is probably anti abortion, and pro death penalty


senorcoach t1_javuh2j wrote

>and pro death penalty

then they aren't pro-ife


Literature-South t1_javxv6p wrote

Welcome to America.


malphonso t1_jaw0z8b wrote

They argue that it's different because they're executing an adult that made bad choices and is facing the consequences. While taking a pill to induce miscarriage is killing a poor innocent baby.

They even extend this logic to pregnancies, resulting from rape. They can't be aborted because that would be "punishing an innocent child for the actions of someone else."


Literature-South t1_jaw9fk2 wrote

They also say “all life is sacred” when clearly they don’t mean it.


Temporary_Inner t1_jazij3w wrote

A legitimate argument against euthanasia is that it would be used as a replacement to further access to healthcare. In any country, you're never really going to see the rich use euthanasia unless they're very very old or at the very very end of palliative care because they have access to quality of life enhancing medications, physical therapy, and technology.

A country without universal access to healthcare, such as the United States, would see an inordinate amount of poor people choose euthanasia due to their inability to access healthcare. A real life "have you tried killing all the poor?"

The UN Human Rights experts have raised this concern with Canada, a government which approved of a 61 year old's medically assisted euthanasia when his only significant impairment was hearing loss...after he was checked in for being a suicide risk. European countries seem to have more stringent laws and better access to healthcare, but the solution to a lack of support for the impoverished can't be government sanctioned suicide. That has to be incredibly limited in scope.


ilikepizza2much t1_jazwe54 wrote

This is a very legitimate concern, but I imagine Canada actually has comparatively good health care. And one depressed deaf man is not enough of a reason to deny service to other desperate people