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explodingkitchen t1_jaywf2w wrote

That's a crap analogy since someone who needs resuscitation isn't capable of saying "save me!". It's not possible for there to be any conflict between previously stated intention and present demand.

While there may be individuals who would want a "don't give me food/water, even if I beg for it" clause, you don't have to agree to such a thing to do VSED. And regardless of what you've signed, palliative care should be there to deal with any pain/anxiety/whatever the patient is experiencing during the dying process.


morbidbutwhoisnt t1_jayxas1 wrote

  1. people can be conscious during an active heart attack and if they have a DNR you can't take life saving measures

  2. someone can state they "don't want to die" before becoming unconscious in a situation where they are unconscious

Those are some examples of times when someone may be conscious but have a DNR.

Not every state allows for the same level of palliative care.

I also did not say that you had to agree to such things to do a vsed, I however did say that in places without euthanasia that this is the only option. And no matter what you have to admit it's much more cruel not only to the patient but to the care giver