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TooMad t1_jawdkqb wrote

So more like Grey Eggshell-listed then?


Feeez_Shato t1_jawmhk1 wrote

Sorry reporters, but there’s always a single person who is responsible for a business or corporate action - it’s not the admin who updated the spreadsheet, it’s whoever is in charge of the company, the department, the branch of government, etc. you want to make a difference? You better start naming them. Let them try to explain it away themselves instead of painting a “well there’s nothing we can do about it” scenario right from the jump. That just makes you complicit.


itsajaguar t1_jawqua8 wrote

This article doesn't have anywhere near the level of info to actually understand the situation. These licenses aren't a new thing and we sell plenty of things to China in general. Need way more info on what exactly was sold.


BlueLikeCat t1_jawr2bj wrote

Misleading title but the exports were carefully reviewed to ensure they did not pose a nat’l security risk. Otherwise, the only ones not reviewed are holdover licenses from the Trump Administration. Reading the article and then verifying it’s details from multiple sirves, this is the way.


LovecraftMan t1_jawva24 wrote

Carefully reviewed, and with potentially billions on the line per contract combined with the strong oversight and self regulation the US is known for I'm sure none of these license were given unduly.

Joking aside, this license stuff is just a racket left of the Trump admin. If your were a friend of the admin they'd give you a license. If you weren't you'd be "reviewed".


shoebee2 t1_jax5nnj wrote

Read the article people. Virtually all the licenses were approved by the Trumple Thinskin admin and a review found that none jeopardized national security.

Even a narcissistic whore like the Donald can fuck up and do something right.


[deleted] t1_jaxer78 wrote

Probably approved by hunter n the big guy


P0Rt1ng4Duty t1_jaxsb1c wrote

Yeah, but being a punk doesn't mean being a idiot. It's about standing up and trying to cut through the bullshit that enslaves us.

Fighting against 'The Man' while he is trying to keep us from killing one another lands in an entirely separate column.


mynameisnotshamus t1_jay010d wrote

That’s hilarious. I’ve hung out with him and the band a couple of times. They were seemingly all very cool. Bigger debate than is needed here and I’m sure no one wants it, but vaccines are more than do what the government wants. Anyway… It’s rumored to be a major reason the bosstones broke up.

Punk has some quality musicians - Fugazi for instance. Travis Barker is another that instantly comes to mind.


CrashB111 t1_jaydut5 wrote

I love how you idiots latch onto a conversation where Biden declined to participate in something, as somehow "proof" that he and his son were using his office in a corrupt manner.

It's literally proof of the opposite.


Yeshes_Online t1_jaypnvq wrote

Wonder whose campaigns got those contributions. Bet you a nickel they were GOP.


SoftwarePatient5050 t1_jayuh4l wrote

The headline seems like bullshit. They mention a blacklist, but never explain what this "blacklist" is. They DO make reference to the Department of Commerce's "Entity List", but offer no explanation about what that means. From the Department of Commerce's website, it's not a "blacklist":

>The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) contain a list of names of certain foreign persons – including businesses, research institutions, government and private organizations, individuals, and other types of legal persons – that are subject to specific license requirements for the export, reexport and/or transfer (in-country) of specified items. These persons comprise the Entity List...On an individual basis, the persons on the Entity List are subject to licensing requirements and policies supplemental to those found elsewhere in the EAR.

The Department of Commerce had this to say in response to the claims from the House committee:

>"Every license reflected in this data -- which primarily involve exports of low-technology ...and other items that do not pose significant national security concerns ... was carefully reviewed," the agency said in a statement, explaining that the decisions are made by the Departments of Commerce, Defense, State, and Energy.


KayInMaine t1_jb0e5eo wrote

Biden and the democrats are beholden to the CCP. Sad.


BrownEggs93 t1_jb0q8io wrote

LOL. Like the US Companies aren't all on board with this kind of stuff. Cheap labor overseas, mammoth profits, stupid consumers.


AlexandersWonder t1_jb5t93b wrote

Why bother with investigative journalism when you can just have your reporter/AI vomit out some basic bullshit information instead? It might earn them the same amount of clicks either way, and it costs a lot less. In a way I think it’s partly down to people not valuing that kind of journalism enough to pay for it. If we leave them to resort to click-baiting to generate revenue, this is about the quality of journalism I think we can expect from them.


KayInMaine t1_jc6g6tr wrote

No, the Republicans have never trusted China or Russia. Both are Communist. Democrats support both despite their gaslighting they've done over the last 7 years trying to convince everyone they don't.


KarateKid72 t1_jc6vtmo wrote

I’m sorry you are so out of touch here. The GOP is a huge proponent of Russia. You must have missed all the praise heaped on Russia by the GOP for the last 6 years but it’s easy enough to look up if you aren’t lazy. You can start by looking up the Trump administrations negotiations of regulations, the praise of Putin by Trump, McConnell, Graham (to name a few) and then move on to the actual data.


KayInMaine t1_jc8eygm wrote

The republicans have always distrusted Russia. Hate might not be the right word, but they have always distrusted Russia.

It's the democrats who now blame everything on Russia, and the republicans laugh at the democrats for it. The Democrats have lost their minds!

President Trump being a businessman has always been a negotiator. He doesn't have to like the person he's negotiating with but the entire time he was in his presidency, he had Americans' best interest at heart. Can't say that about the current guy who is a bloodthirsty warmonger.


KarateKid72 t1_jcg9fff wrote

I would say that, having lived through the cold war, that anti-Russian sentiment was extremely high under Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Reagan. Cuba and Vietnam were both proxy wars with USSR during the Cold War. I’m sorry you’re too much of a child to remember those days, as well as the McCarthy Red Scare of the 50s. Hate is indeed the correct word. Just go back and watch video footage, newsreels or just look at the films produced during those days. The US literally supplied arms to the Taliban to fight Russia for us. Read some history before making hugely ignorant statements.