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jetbag513 t1_je60gvm wrote

He's 27, so he left when he was around 25. Seems to me he left for a reason. If his family is anything like mine, I can understand it. Why don't they just leave him the hell alone. Nobody said he was a danger to himself or others. They're probably toxic AF and he was trying to escape.


0b0011 t1_je6q5i2 wrote

Does seem a little odd to leave wallet and phone though. It's not like they're going yo be able to track him if he took those with.


shewy92 t1_jeb8wq1 wrote

Wallet has credit cards, and phones have GPS, all of which could absolutely be tracked by police if the family escalated it


Feelthatrythm t1_je8865e wrote

Right? The article reads like he was 8 and mysteriously figures out how to travel. Dude was 25 and apparently just fine.. Hwhat??


jetbag513 t1_je88ypj wrote

I'd be pissed if I made an effort to get away from my whacko family and they tracked me down. Mine wouldn't even look for me in reality, so it's cool.