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oldschoolskater OP t1_je6zpxr wrote

"The announcement comes as Fetterman introduces a new bill Wednesday focused on bolstering railway safety regulations in the aftermath of the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio."


PPQue6 t1_je7n4ot wrote

I'm proud that my senator got the help that he needed, and I hope this helps to motivate others to do the same. Seeking treatment for mental health really needs to be de-stigmatized in this country.


Relevant_Quantity_49 t1_je86jpx wrote

From the article:

>Fetterman's chief of staff, Adam Jentleson, and Communications Director Joe Calvello have been visiting him at Walter Reed daily this week, Calvello told NBC, saying “he’s in the zone” and “excited to get back to the Senate.” The Pennsylvania senator has been working from Walter Reed since checking in for treatment in mid-February, with staff citing challenges after a stroke.

In order to de-stigmatize mental health issues, this is exactly the sort of thing people need to see and support: a person accommodated in their professional life while also seeking appropriate treatment. It shouldn't have to be either/or because for many people it can't be.

Compassion isn't a statement; it's a question. Instead of saying, "People with X can't do Y," we should be asking "What can we do so you are successful at Y?"


PPQue6 t1_je876gy wrote

Abso-freaking-loutely!!!! And further to that point, this illustrates why we need easy access to these services regardless of income level. This positive outcome was entirely because of his ability to access the care he needed.


FindingMoi t1_je9pixt wrote

Exactly. We should be pointing to this when people start on their “it’s not a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem” bullshit. It’s a both problem, but since ya’ll want to talk about mental health, why don’t we do something about it?

Fetterman was in a position of privilege to be able to get the care he needed but everyone should have access, with no stigma and no fear that they’ll lose their jobs. Fetterman basically said “fuck stigma, this is what I need to do the job” and he sought the care he needed. Hopefully, it encourages others to do the same, and now he’s in a position to actually use that privilege he has and his elected position to make it happen for everyone else.


Samisoffline t1_je9qz7j wrote

I’m so happy he won. He didn’t just say mental health is important and needs to be taken care of he proved it by his own actions.

Side note: my favorite thing to come out of his break is the conspiracies that he was replaced with a BODY DOUBLE. John Fetterman replaced by a body double is the most hilarious idea I’ve seen in a while.


PPQue6 t1_jec6v6u wrote

It really shows how mentally unhinged these people are when they start dreaming up these bizarre conspiracies.


chrza t1_je7r97t wrote

Let’s be real, who would not be dangerously depressed by the state of the US Senate, especially as an insider?


Willow-girl t1_je8gh3t wrote

He probably became depressed after he was told how much money he's expected to raise for the Democratic party.


all_of_the_lightss t1_je8kj7f wrote

Trump's fans sent him $1.5 million in 3 days
after he falsely predicted that he'd be

A literal domestic terrorist is running for office, unchallenged.

Lobbyists exist on both sides.

We still would have been better off 100x amidst a pandemic and today with President Hillary Clinton.

And last I checked, the fundraising NRA doesn't donate their domestic terrorist blood money to Dems.

Biden 2024. Fuck Donald Trump and every Republican standing behind him


Simon_Jester88 t1_je9e3sd wrote

??? The person didn't say anything about Trump, or Biden...


Ok_Mathematician938 t1_je9tzr5 wrote

Best I can tell is that this was more of a response to the other user's comment/post history.


ImpressiveScience856 t1_je9hq6k wrote

Yeah I don’t know how there isn’t a more mutual understanding online that both parties absolutely suck…. I can’t call out one party without someone pointing at you and calling out the other party like somehow my constructive criticism immediately meant I’m on the opposing side. They have us right where they want us though….


Simon_Jester88 t1_je9ihf9 wrote

I'll straight up say I think one party sucks a lot more then the other. Doesn't change the fact that lobbying, term structure and fundraising through this two party monopoly is just absolute trash and both sides try to keep it in place.


all_of_the_lightss t1_je9jc73 wrote

We don't get to snap our fingers and make new rules.

Like it or not, there are 2 parties and one of them is led by Donald Trump.

It's not the same as the Democrats and nothing you can say will prove otherwise.


ImpressiveScience856 t1_je9jynu wrote

And this is exactly what I’m talking about 😂 exactly we can’t snap our fingers and change it because it’s a show! Both of these presidents have been an absolute disaster. And even so the sad thing is trump passed more gun control than biden ever will I’m sure nothing will be done about it hasn’t yet why would it now it’s all talk and banter to keep you acting just like this. Not necessarily the topic we are on but just an example. But that’s all I’m gonna say because I’m not gonna be apart of exactly what they want.


all_of_the_lightss t1_je9k6s7 wrote

No. You fall for tricks of con men like Trump. Who want you to think they're "the same".

Literally not dude. Get a grip. Trump passed nothing to improve gun safety. He called the pandemic a hoax for 6 months.

Stay ignorant


Simon_Jester88 t1_jeblumk wrote

Trump banned bump stocks after the Vegas shooting. Was the right move but just a drop in the bucket for what's needed in America.

Countless common sense laws could be implemented but they should be done through Congress, I don't think this is an issue that should be handled through the bully pulpit.


Willow-girl t1_jea931e wrote

What does any of that have to do with the price of tea in China? Politicians on both sides of the aisle are expected to raise money for their party. If you want lucrative committee appointments, you have to buy them. Edited to add a source from the other side of the aisle:

It's simply the way the game is played (although in all honesty, my comment is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, as Fetterman -- being a career politician -- undoubtedly knew this long ago).


FIContractor t1_je9mmvs wrote

Well, there’s the soulless half. They seem pretty gleeful.


fido4lilchops t1_je78cxi wrote

Happy Senator Fetterman is getting the mental health assistance he needs.


CouchRadish t1_je7r9cj wrote

This man will have spent nearly 60% of his time in the Senate hospitalized for depression and is still recovering from a stroke. It’s honestly a bit depressing to see Dems not letting/encouraging this man to resign.

PA’s governor is a Democrat, it’s not like they’d lose a Senate seat. To me it seems like they don’t want to admit that his health is actually an issue after an entire midterm election pretending that it wasn’t.


peperoniebabie t1_je80m2w wrote

I don't think you know anything about PA politics. Pat Toomey (R) had occupied this seat for 12 years and PA's voting base is split down the middle. He only won by a 5 percent margin over Doctor Fucking Oz.


SofieTerleska t1_je8g8ox wrote

I'm very glad he beat Oz but it's getting increasingly uncomfortable to see this getting the relentlessly positive spin. He's broadening the Senate by using speech to text! He's bringing awareness to mental health issues! None of those are bad things but it's one thing to have a handle on your disability and choose to start a campaign vs. getting knocked down by a goddamn stroke mid-campaign and be figuring out your recovery and the Senate environment at the same time. That's too much to cope with. Being hospitalized for depression for weeks is very, very far out of the norm and makes me think he either has very, very serious mental shit going on or they were trying to hide physical fallout from his stroke. I would be really surprised if he isn't hospitalized again within a few months. I hope I'm wrong, I wish him only the best, but what he's contending with right now is insane.


Crumblymumblybumbly t1_jea562r wrote

This pearl-clutching faux concern is what's insane.

The dude got treatment and has been cleared by medical professionals. You are not one of them.

Time to stop blowing this situation out of proportion. Fetterman can write legislation and pass bills. That's all he needs to do .


CouchRadish t1_je8gr9i wrote

I sense a very distinct sharing between that forced positivity towards a Senator spending months institutionalized with depression and modern self-care ✨ mentalities of being okay with things like throwing away the majority of your personal responsibilities for the sake of mental stability.


km89 t1_je8koaz wrote

>modern self-care ✨ mentalities of being okay with things like throwing away the majority of your personal responsibilities for the sake of mental stability.

Do you need a mop to clean up the condescension you just dripped all over the floor?

Dude's been hospitalized for weeks. This is either a suicide attempt or fallout from his stroke, or both. Question his current fitness to hold office all you want, but throwing away your mental health for the sake of impressing people who would approve of that is just fucking stupid.


CouchRadish t1_je8mo3e wrote

You might picking up all your straw? I never dismissed him for having to be hospitalized for depression (to be frank the only ones dismissing that are the people clamoring for him to be back to working in the Senate). I was dismissing the people forcing positivity on this situation by trying to rephrase everything they had to change to let a stroke victim in recovery do his job as a senator as a positive.


chaqalaqalaqa t1_je9r28n wrote

Two months out of a 6-year term isn’t that much. And the Senate hasn’t had any actual work to do because nothing from the House is worth passing.

I’m glad he took a few weeks to get himself good and now he can go back to work.


clintontg t1_je7yhyb wrote

Does he want to resign?


yaki_torii t1_je837gd wrote

Dianne Feinstein doesn't want to resign, yet she should have a decade ago when the dementia began kicking her ass.


clintontg t1_je8418q wrote

I guess my concern is "encouraging" someone to resign versus trying to oust a progressive politician. I'd prefer him leaving if he actually wanted to.


yaki_torii t1_je85pjb wrote

That doesn't address what I'm saying. Dianne Feinstein doesn't want to leave either. She's basically being forced to. How is having her resign due to her obviously declining mental health any different from encouraging Fetterman, who's basically spent his whole term so far in a hospital, from doing the same?


Stolliosis t1_je86dgt wrote

Diane Feinstein is 900 years old. She is on a one-way trajectory. She will never be stronger and more adept in the future. That cannot be said about Fetterman. That's the difference.


yaki_torii t1_je89x8l wrote

High stress environments, such as lawmaking and campaigning, are not conducive to stroke recovery. Fetterman might have more wiggle room than Feinstein but thats not saying much, and if he's dogged about staying in the senate, then it's a smart bet that he won't recover well enough.


clintontg t1_je880il wrote

I'd say it should be based on his prognosis and his personal wishes. If he really can't execute his duties in the office then maybe he should leave. If he's on the mend, wants to be there, and is cognitively capable of doing the job then why not?


yaki_torii t1_je8a06t wrote

Sure, I agree. But he's not been either "on the mend" or "capable of doing the job" since Day 1. That's my entire point.


clintontg t1_je8b0ze wrote

3 months out of a 6 year term isn't that long to me


Sweet-Sale-7303 t1_je82a4o wrote

I dont think you mean whole term. Didnt he take office in january of this year?


CouchRadish t1_je89ya2 wrote

He did. I counted from his inauguration at January 3rd to the day he said he would leave the hospital (April 17th).


Sweet-Sale-7303 t1_je8biu9 wrote

A senators term is 6 years. No way he served 40 percent of that.


CouchRadish t1_je8ceog wrote

I rephrased my statement. From January 3rd to April 17th he will have spent nearly 60% of his time in the Senate hospitalized.

It’s still worrying.


DeliciousBeanWater t1_je8e0n3 wrote

Well seeing as the senate is adjourned until 4/17/2023, he couldnt come back sooner. Your math is still wrong.


MartinRaccoon t1_je81pg5 wrote

Agreed. His health is a legitimate issue that shouldn't be ignored. It's great he is able to seek help for all his problems. Praise him for seeking help, but also praise him for realizing he's not fit to serve right now. It's how I feel in California with Feinstein.


Trafficsigntruther t1_je7us6f wrote

There would be an odd year special election. Democrats don’t turn out for that.


[deleted] t1_je7zd1h wrote



Trafficsigntruther t1_je8bq4q wrote

> If its the same process across the nation,

No it is not.

> A special election is then held coinciding with the next regularly scheduled election to replace the appointee.


DeliciousBeanWater t1_je8drq9 wrote

The PA gov would appoint someone as a temporary seat yntil the next regularly scheduled election, which would be the special election for that particular seat, which is a little over a year and a half.


Trafficsigntruther t1_je8enyr wrote

> a temporary seat yntil the next regularly scheduled election, … which is a little over a year and a half.

The next scheduled election is in November, a little over 8 months from now.


DeliciousBeanWater t1_je8et5g wrote

Not for PA its not. Next scheduled senate election for pa is 2024.


Trafficsigntruther t1_je8fq9v wrote

> Next scheduled senate election for pa is 2024.

And it’s for Bob Casey’s seat, not Fetterman’s. It’s completely irrelevant to the special election. The last time there was a vacancy in a PA Senate seat, there was an election in 1991, and odd year that wasn’t scheduled for a senate election (obviously).


DeliciousBeanWater t1_je8fwz1 wrote

No shit its not for fettermans seat. Thats why it would be a special election. Can you provide a valid link to show otherwise, instead of one paid for by a possibly biased orgaisation?


Trafficsigntruther t1_je8g90b wrote

> instead of one paid for by a possibly biased orgaisation?

If think ballotopedia is biased, I don’t know how to satisfy your needs?

Harris wofford’s bio at


DeliciousBeanWater t1_je8h0cg wrote

What does this dudes biography have to do with when a special election would be held should he step down?

.com and .org websites are not valid sources. .gov is better but the page youve linked is irrelevant


Trafficsigntruther t1_je8hi5i wrote

> What does this dudes biography have to do with when a special election would be held should he step down?

He was appointed to the US Senate to fill a vacancy in 1991 and then had to run again in November 1991. That was the last time there was a Senate vacancy in PA where a special election had to occur.

> .com and .org websites are not valid sources.



DeliciousBeanWater t1_je8hlm9 wrote

Ok thats not helpful to anyone right now. That how no bearing on right now. That was over 30 years ago.


Trafficsigntruther t1_je8htas wrote

> That how no bearing on right now. That was over 30 years ago.

Do you have a source showing the process changed?


DeliciousBeanWater t1_je8huuf wrote

Nope but im not the one making claims here


Trafficsigntruther t1_je8i0t0 wrote

> im not the one making claims here

You did claim the election would be in 2024.


DeliciousBeanWater t1_je8iv85 wrote

Lol thats not my claim. That info is found in the link you provided you walnut. PA holds their special elections concurrent with scheduled statewide general elections aka 2024. November 8 is a municipal election in PA. Smh youre literally contradicting yourself

ETA since youve dirty deleted your response which was something like “theres special elections schedule in pa for this nov”

Those special elections are all for state legislature seats.


NoMalarkyZone t1_je96kxa wrote

It's Fetterman's seat to resign if he sees that necessary, but I doubt he does or he wouldn't have run.

Depression is incredibly common after a stroke. It's often not recognized.


Odie_Odie t1_je9d266 wrote

He took office in January, it's still March..


Pherllerp t1_jeaabof wrote

60% of his now 3-month term.
3 months out of a six year term.


Crumblymumblybumbly t1_jea4yvk wrote

His Senate term is 6 years, Einstein. This is a blip on the radar.

Spare us your faux concern. You don't give a flying fuck about his health.


CouchRadish t1_jea8h6b wrote

Why are you pretending it’s not a concern? Hospitalization over depression is “normalizing mental health” like not putting a gun in your mouth is normalizing proper gun handling. People are only hospitalized for depression when symptoms are so severe you can’t function as a person and/or at active risk for suicide. And right now Fetterman is dealing with said overwhelming depression because of his stroke last year.

The only people accusing others of not “giving a flying fuck about his health” want to keep this man in his senate seat no matter what. Fetterman could be throwing up blood onto the senate floor and Reddit would be cheering on how this is “normalizing cleanup crews”.


Crumblymumblybumbly t1_jea9mct wrote

>Why are you pretending it’s not a concern?

I'm not "pretending" anything. It's clearly not a concern for you because you want him out of office regardless of what he has decided with his doctors.

It's not a concern for me because I am not a medical professional and have no right to pretend concern over someone who has been cleared by medical professionals and has chosen to return to work.

>Hospitalization over depression is “normalizing mental health”

Correct. It's normalizing seeking proper treatment for mental health issues. That's exactly what you're supposed to do --- seek treatment. And once you get the treatment, you can go back to what you were doing before. Same as with a broken arm or a colonoscopy or whatever.

>The only people accusing others of not “giving a flying fuck about his health” want to keep this man in his senate seat no matter what

The only people claiming he's "not fit for office" are armchair Reddit idiots who want him out of office no matter what, and are still salty that Oz lost.

If Fetterman's doctors told him he wasn't fit to serve, and he made the decision to resign, that would be different. But that hasn't happened.

>Fetterman could be throwing up blood onto the senate floor and Reddit would be cheering on how this is “normalizing cleanup crews”.

This is your fantastical hyper-active imagination, no one else's.


SofieTerleska t1_jebilyi wrote

It is possible to be genuinely concerned that Fetterman is pushing to do too much and is having serious health issues and be relieved that Oz lost.


BrianThatDude t1_je84fw2 wrote

If he chose to play for the red team rather than the blue team you guys would be having a field day with this whole thing.


Pherllerp t1_jeaa2l0 wrote


McConnell has been in the hospital for weeks and I haven't read a thing.


km89 t1_je8kux0 wrote

If he were on the red team, he'd be taking advantage of the best healthcare in the country to get a service his party is derisive at best about.

But he's not. He's on the team who thinks it's entirely appropriate to, you know, not ignore mental health problems severe enough that you need to be hospitalized.


SeaWitch1031 t1_je9fhrz wrote

No because that is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. We take the high road, every time. We don't mock people for having a mental illness. When McConnell fell last month everyone on the blue side wished him well. People in his own party mocked him.

Hope that clears things up for you.


Lord_Dimwit_Flathead t1_je8mjsr wrote

Yeah- if he was a piece of shit I'd be fine with his suffering. What kind of point do you think you're making here?


Teftthebridgeman t1_jealiee wrote

Had a stroke, and it affects everyone different but my highs and lows can be extreme.

I'm proud and happy he was aware enough to seek help when he needed.

This guy is a real hero to me.


bwfwg4isdl t1_jeav5vw wrote

As a German my head always translates that name to fat man.


Intelligent-Bed-1654 t1_je8u4vd wrote

This is great news, the mavs need him to clinch a playoff seat.


ElToberino t1_je9ynws wrote

Despite the stroke, he could still probably play defense better than Christian Wood.


realcoldskingamer t1_je9p3sd wrote

This doesn’t look great for him. It’ll be used heavily by the republicans in election season.


keysandtreesforme t1_je9r7sm wrote

Who fucking cares, honestly. They’ll use anything and everything. I, for one, look forward to him owning it and throwing it right back at them. He’s a real person with real problems who works hard for solutions, and his constituents will absolutely see that.


[deleted] t1_je7bmbj wrote



Guyincognito4269 t1_je7cnsi wrote

Republicans and pedophilia?

Republicans and fascism and/or treason?


Art-Zuron t1_je7d66f wrote

Republicans and electing the Infirm as well.


initiatefailure t1_je89noe wrote

Singsong shantying: soon may the fetter man come to bring us radical social is um

(Reference was a ballin attack ad that just made fetterman seem awesome, if you haven’t watched it I recommend it highly)


Last_Dig5376 t1_je8c6zf wrote

Aww man, we’re all safe again.


[deleted] t1_je714e9 wrote



Guyincognito4269 t1_je7crri wrote

What's the line in Vegas that you are a lonely insufferable asshole? Just asking questions here.


Mydickradiates t1_je7crtf wrote

depends what they did. Ketamine? Electroconvulsive therapy? Gentle counseling with horses? To the moon shrooms? how would you even bet on this? probably look up standard of care for inpatient depression treatment and assume experimental options


SphericalBasterd t1_je81b04 wrote

Thus the height of conservative sellout cuntism. The senate is adjourned until 04/17/2023.

Thus every republicunt is freeloading until 04/2023 and if you are true to your conservative values, you must carve it out of Ted Cruz's hide.


PlaidShirtz1122 t1_je83cxu wrote

What is the is post? Complaint about republicans freeloading after he just had to take off time right after getting into office. Weird comment


decomposition_ t1_je85g1x wrote

Yeah I read that about five times trying to understand what this had to do with Fetterman