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slippery_eagle t1_jc69u3z wrote

Just avoid certain places. You'll be fine in Burlington (expensive) or montpelier. I think Brattleboro is fairly progressive but I don't live down there.


Lower-Blackberry-716 t1_jc7bkp9 wrote

I'm from Texas and currently working/living in Brattleboro and it seems to be pretty progressive also.


slippery_eagle t1_jc7da6j wrote

I almost moved there but my son didn't want to leave his school. Good thing because I met my wonderful boyfriend here 💕 I do like it down there, though.


Icantredditgood t1_jc7bwzp wrote

Thank you for your reply, I’ve been doing my research and I still need to visit, but it helps talking to people who know the area :-)


slippery_eagle t1_jc7cyhw wrote

You're very welcome. It's a wonderful place and I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Of course we have our problems like any other place.


Icantredditgood t1_jc7iw5o wrote

Yeah, I don’t expect Vermont to be a fairytale land that solves all my problems, but from all the research I’ve done, it seems like it’s possibly the best state in the country for me, possibly best state full stop :-)