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SoItWasYouAllAlong t1_jb2z7xm wrote

>His power comes from poor uneducated peripherals

Uhm... Israel being a democratic country, his power comes from the popular majority, no?

I am unfamiliar with the specific situation. So your objections to the government may have solid grounds. However, "we are more educated" and "they don't know what's best for them" are the standard elitist cliches, regularly used in attempt to marginalize the popular majority.


Drakonx1 t1_jb30jfc wrote

The way governing coalitions are formed in the Knesset is wild. Read up on it and you'll wonder how they ever get anything done, but no he and his party didn't get anything close to a popular majority.


arielsosa t1_jb54csn wrote

But we all know ignorance make you more easily manipulable. Having a "popular majority" (which is also not the case in this highly fractured parlamentarian country) does not gives anyone the right to break the 3-powers balance, which is what he is doing. So, using voters' support as a shield from his own legal problems is not democratic at all.

Even if he had +50% of the population on his side (which he doesn't), it would be anti-democratic to diminish the institutions and processes that make democracy possible.