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Alucard1331 t1_jdltaq9 wrote

This guy kidnapped two people at gunpoint and held them hostage for ransom and they're requesting a $100,000 bond???? What the absolute fuck? This is exactly the type of person who should be held without bond let alone a small $100,000 bond? So this guy who kidnapped two people and held them at gunpoint for ransom could be back on the street if he can come up with $10,000 down for a bail bondsman? Jesus Christ


SunsetKittens t1_jdlw9w6 wrote

I hate the bond system. Either the suspect needs to be held in a cell or he should remain free until trial. A dollar amount got nothing to do with whether or not the suspect is a hazard.


NJD1214 t1_jdng69r wrote

I'm not a law expert, but I think in some states there are certain conditions which the judge can forgo setting a bond, but in situations where the conditions aren't met but they think the person is a danger to the community they can set a bond that is so high that it is essentially the same thing(like a million dollar cash bond). Maybe Texas doesn't have something like that? Would love to be educated.


wolfofremus t1_jdlyj1s wrote

There is case where the suspect is not hazard, but they can run a way so the bond use to cover the cost of bringing them back to court.


RollerDude347 t1_jdm0kss wrote

We already pay the people who would do that work whether anyone runs or not.


wolfofremus t1_jdm1e7o wrote

Tax is not enough to pay for everything. Given how hard it is to get money from criminal, punishment for running away is better be paid upfront.


RollerDude347 t1_jdm4wpc wrote

Everything, and I mean every resource I think you'd reasonably use to catch a non-violent suspect, has ALREADY been paid for.


wolfofremus t1_jdm5mny wrote

It better be paid by the suspect and not tax payer.


RollerDude347 t1_jdm6iio wrote

It's already paid for by the tax payer. It's the existing police force. Literally nothing new will be provided for with bail money.


wolfofremus t1_jdm7b0a wrote

Bail money also go to the police and juridical. Remove bail mean more tax will require to cover the lost revenue from bail.


RollerDude347 t1_jdmpgjn wrote

You're aware that the bail is given back if they don't run, correct?

Bail serves no purpose except to cuase poor people to lose their jobs for a crime they have not been convicted of.


kennypu t1_jdoldhu wrote

lmao what, bail money is returned after they show up. it's a collateral.


wolfofremus t1_jdph7c5 wrote

So it a great incentive for people to show up, and we do not have to hide more police to chase after those.