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pegothejerk t1_jcgiwam wrote

Man, a search on Reddit for First Republic has a discussion 6 days ago where the top comment absolute assured a concerned individual that the bank is solid as fuck. Remember, taking financial or legal advice from stranger on Reddit is probably not the best choice out there.


SsurebreC t1_jcgkie7 wrote

To be fair, professionals don't know anything either and if they do, they're definitely keeping their mouths shut.


pegothejerk t1_jcglhnt wrote

I’d still prefer to know what the experts are saying and ignore redditers, as at least when Cramer says to invest in something I know it’s days away from collapse. Who knows with some weirdo telling me how to invest and then going to make memes where his gerbils are dressed as Spider-Man pointing at each other.


kayak_enjoyer t1_jchz6ny wrote

If you flip a quarter to make investing decisions, you'll be right about half the time.

Jim Cramer: dumber than a quarter.


ThoughensTheNipples t1_jcgtdme wrote

Wait. What!? Yesterday, someone told me to shove all my money up my ass, and I've been walking around with $5 dollars shoved up my ass. You're telling me that is not the safest place for my $5????


JackedUpReadyToGo t1_jchoym9 wrote

I would recommend diversifying your portfolio with an investment in Bitcoin, but you strike me as more of a Buttcoin type of investor.


HardToPeeMidasTouch t1_jckspvi wrote

Diversify by inserting a view rare metal coins(preferably gold) since you can get more value per gram) up your urethra for safe keeping. Cheaper than a bank deposit box and you always have them on hand incase of a massive crash. Gold will always have value.