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bruisescold OP t1_jd9wwnq wrote

*Update- they found the bodies this afternoon.

Pertinent information from the article:

"Vancouver man is accused of violating a no-contact order with his girlfriend, among other allegations, in a December drive-by shooting case. Vancouver police say the woman and her 7-year-old daughter are also now missing.

..Warren is already charged in Superior Court with drive-by shooting, second-degree assault with a deadly weapon, gross misdemeanor harassment with bodily injury and two counts of fourth-degree assault, all under the domestic violence prong

...On Saturday, a friend reported that Melendez and her daughter were missing. She said she last saw Melendez on March 11 or 12. Warren had come to the friend’s apartment and taken custody of Layla, who had stayed there overnight. The friend said Melendez was unresponsive and partially clothed in Warren’s car, according to a probable cause affidavit.

..Prosecutors also noted he has a pending case for a 2017 homicide in Arkansas. Court records show he posted $250,000 bond in that case Dec. 13, 2017, the day after his arrest."


Elryc35 t1_jda824h wrote

>..Prosecutors also noted he has a pending case for a 2017 homicide in Arkansas. Court records show he posted $250,000 bond in that case Dec. 13, 2017, the day after his arrest."

The fact that a pending homicide charge is outstanding for over 5 years shows how broken the courts are in this country.


TheFrogWife t1_jd9vn80 wrote

These orders have no teeth, if a piece of paper could stop a person from hurting another we'd have pretty advanced paper armor by now


N8CCRG t1_jda2ojx wrote

I can't speak for Washington's no-contact order, but restraining orders often aren't about "you aren't allowed to do X" they are "if anyone calls the police and reports that you are doing X, then the police will show up and have the legal authority to arrest you on the spot, no conversation or discussion necessary."

Of course, this comes down to how willing or unwilling the police are to enforce these laws, and that will vary widely from place to place, but that's true about every law.


gaslacktus t1_jdag3oo wrote

Given how many cops are domestic abusers, therein lies the problem.


MRmandato t1_jdb6y9w wrote

Thats not the issue here. Seriously and saying just distracts from the real issues present here. There no evidence police wrongdoing in enforcement played a factor. This is just reddit circle jerking on cop hate


G0ldenTwink t1_jdbqryp wrote

This specific comment thread was about the enforcement of restraining orders/similar and is an issue, doesn’t have to be in direct relation to OP’s post. Stay in your lane if you don’t like the discussion.


MRmandato t1_jdakh1f wrote

NCOs in WA work exactly that way. You call, police arrive and the person is either arrested if they are there, or a warrant is posted if they are not there. A lot of DV NCOs are put by a judge/court and not by the victim, which of course is a problem far as reporting and enforcement.


Amrokmfc t1_jdab5aj wrote

Woman and her 7 year old daughter, and he's got a pending homicide case in Arkansas. This is likely tragic here.


coffeeandtrout t1_jda49vc wrote

Looks like the bumped up his bail, and finally asked for a GPS anklet if he makes bail……


the-il-mostro t1_jdaur2m wrote

He has an active homicide case in Arkansas from 2017 where he made bail and I guess skipped the state?

HOW was he given bail tho?


Ratnix t1_jdcewo4 wrote

Innocent until proven guilty.

The question really is, how was he able to leave the state? Even with presumed innocence, he should still be required to stick around the state the charges are in. And if she was able to get a restraining order on him, they should have been able to see that he had homicide charges in another state.


theonlyonethatknocks t1_jdcjrbu wrote

>The question really is, how was he able to leave the state?

My guess is by car.

I’m sure he was required to stay in the state.


Ratnix t1_jdck7tf wrote

Right, but the RO should have been enough to let them know he left the state and a warrant should have been issued.


theonlyonethatknocks t1_jdckayq wrote

Do we know he didn’t have one?


Ratnix t1_jdcnumr wrote

Don't they serve them with papers when they have a RO against them? I assume they do, else how would someone know about it? And if they served him with the RO, then they could have arrested him right then.


Remote-Ad-2686 t1_jdatbpn wrote

Legal orders are for those that obey the law. For the rest… it’s just another amplification to a charge.


[deleted] t1_jdatsbx wrote



Prestigious-Log-7210 t1_jdbcarr wrote

What is the point of this comment. RIP to the victims.


rains-blu t1_jdbpuhe wrote

I did not see the news they found the bodies until after my comment.

I still feel like an accurate picture of the mother may have been a better choice and possibly led to her being seen or spotted.


damagecontrolparty t1_jdcr57s wrote

there are other pictures of her online that aren't so facetuned.


rains-blu t1_jdfzo96 wrote

... I wished police would have put several up instead of just one that was photoshopped and her features exaggerated. That was the picture in the local newspaper. I live nearby where she was found.