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MajesticOuting t1_jcmjg2y wrote

And this is why facebook is laying of employees because there isn't anything but shit left on facebook.


thegoodnamesrgone123 t1_jcntvsa wrote

We had a great local facebook news source by me. Traffic, weather, local happenings. Important stuff for a summer beach area. During COVID he started just posting things from the government about health stuff. Stay safe, get the shot, here is how to help people. People Doxxed him and kept sending him and his staff death threats. So he stopped doing it. In his place has risen smaller Fox News pages. Local news with a decidedly right wing bend. It's really sad.


PYHProtectYourHoles t1_jcovf13 wrote

Nah that specifically is bc Meta would rather hire people to not let competitors like Google have them, then those people had very little to no work to actually do (literally would have to “fight for work” At Meta) . Not surprising they had to let them go in the wake of the economy


EndoShota t1_jcm8371 wrote

So he was only banned as long as it didn’t matter? After Jan 6 he’d definitively lost and didn’t hold the reins of power. Now that he’s seeking them again, they decide to platform him?


periphery72271 t1_jcm55bg wrote

Great, another round of blocking is coming for my time line I guess.


Affectionate-Tax-856 t1_jcmb0yg wrote

Best move would be for everyone that disagrees with this decision to just walk away. Delete the profile and the app. I deleted mine a long time ago and I missed it for a week or less then I felt great I was gone from that shit platform.


ConvolutedFluid t1_jcmm55h wrote

Wonder if he'll be in the Metaverse too, where shitty looking Mii-type things can worship his shitty-looking Mii thing


NautilusShell t1_jcmmf53 wrote

Just delete that shit. I did long ago and it's been great.


WhereGrapesMayRule t1_jcmmnoe wrote

That's it. I'm deleting my Facebook account. Wait. Damn...I did that 11 years ago.


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PhilAstronomer t1_jcmbc2r wrote

Get off social media people


daikatana t1_jcmdtna wrote

He said while commenting on a social media website.


Aftermath16 t1_jcmvysf wrote

Reddit is not exactly what we commonly call “social media.” Can you name any Reddit “influencer?” Do celebrities, talk show hosts, and pundits have well known Reddit accounts with checkmarks?

Reddit can still have the effect of being an echo chamber, spreading disinformation, etc. however, so I agree with you there.


slayer370 t1_jcp2s6q wrote

no check mark but many celebs used reddit until the huge nsfw celeb leak, a lot left or dont advertise.

We still got arnold (terminator/politican), rick astley, and we got ton of influencers, but its mostly one off AmA's. Hell even trump was here during the donald saga.


daygloman t1_jcmoeqd wrote

I'll report EACH and EVERY post he makes. I'll report them from multiple accounts. I will NOT listen to his repeated LIES! We get ENOUGH of that shit overhearing FAUX News, which I DON'T watch!


brimstoneEmerald t1_jcmi9ma wrote

Hello Facebook, this is your favorite president from prison Donald Trump 🥴


SharpNSlick t1_jcp8o24 wrote

Donald Trump vs Joe Exotic presidential debate live from prison. Exclusively on Facebook.


Low_Holiday5364 t1_jcmy241 wrote

Breaking news: Trump empties diaper and eats his own shit


008Zulu t1_jcm97uh wrote

I wonder how long it will take before his account is marked for spreading misinformation?


xc2215x t1_jcmdiji wrote

Had a feeling he would eventually return to posting.


Lemon_LostSock t1_jcm7zvh wrote

Oh the joy…, let me dig out my candle shaped lightbulbs


MrDinglehut t1_jcmcmx8 wrote

Let it be noted that the decision to allow Trump back on Facebook was the final straw that made me delete my facebook account. Since I configured my facebook account to send me hiking information and family information. I really miss it.


drinkingchartreuse t1_jcmma8w wrote

Just keep reporting every video as false news, harassment, hate speech, until they take them down. Copyright violations from background music? Bam.


fungobat t1_jcnam9y wrote

And somehow, Trump returned ...


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_jcunmlu wrote

The more platforms he’s allowed on, the sooner he’ll burn down the Republican Party. At least I’m hoping so.


ersatzgiraffe t1_jcmc36y wrote

Now people can finally talk about trump on facebook. Whew.


hans3844 t1_jcmn638 wrote

I wonder if they had to let him back on cause he helped them get TikTok banned from the US in some way...