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sapientia-maxima t1_jds4sed wrote

Next up: Israel's Attorney General fired by Netanyahu


Nubras t1_jdsism9 wrote

Nailed it. Shitty despots are so predictable and it’s terrible how emboldened they’ve become. Hopefully this time around we will defeat the problem for good and prevent it from resurfacing in a few generations.


CactusCait t1_jdt8fto wrote

Trump taking notes, later does it in US and claims Bibi set a precedent


popecorkyxxiv t1_je2wrjn wrote

And then arrested on suspicion of... (Rolls a die) drug offenses. He will be held for years before the courts eventually get around to prosecuting.


FriesWithThat t1_jds81x7 wrote

Just another crime that Netanyahu and his cronies will have to cover-up with a judicial overhaul destroying any semblance of democracy in Israel.


[deleted] t1_jdswdp8 wrote



mlc885 t1_jdt9eix wrote

Sadly it apparently Is


LordOfThePinkyRings t1_jduhgcb wrote

Wasn’t he re-elected knowing he had a criminal past? This seems like the US being shocked if Trump is re-elected and breaks the law (again).


KereneL t1_jds6yfo wrote

Major demonstrations all over the country, hundreds of thousands in a spontaneous act against tyranny


musluvowls t1_jdselat wrote

Just watched 1000s of protestors break through the barricades at Netanyahu's residence. JFC. Not holding my breath, but this feels like regime change.


[deleted] t1_jdu6j1n wrote



olgrandad t1_jdum785 wrote

To be fair, when the IDF shoots a news reporter in the head with a sniper rifle it's not about race, it's about stopping discussion of the issue.


Sinfluencer666 t1_jdv7d1a wrote

I believe the CIA refers to that sort of thing as a "journalistic integrity reward".


Chedery2 t1_jdv2f4h wrote

Israelis and Palestinians are largely the same race


SOL-Cantus t1_jdv74jr wrote

Neither are the same race because race doesn't exist. We're all the same species. They're separate ethnicities with a common core religion (Abrahamic faith) separated into similar branches.

The difference between them is that Israel is an occupying force instead of an immigrating force. The day Israelies choose to treat Palestinians as equals and give back stolen land is the day that peace can have a chance.


Chedery2 t1_jdvqd1p wrote

Peace isn't have a chance when the Arabs invaded in 48'


SOL-Cantus t1_jdw3n3i wrote

Peace will have a chance when this doesn't happen:

Peace will have a chance when Israeli settlers give back stolen land (as declared by the United Nations).

Peace will have a chance when Israeli citizens are good neighbors instead of kettling Palestinians into a ghetto state and then blaming them for the violence and poverty that the IDF forces on them.

The aggressor (Zionists) don't get to say peace is impossible and victim blame. Israel has every right to exist as a state that supports and uplifts Jews and Judaism, but they have no right to abuse others to maintain that state. No group, not religious, not ethnicity, not anything, has a right to that. Currently Israel is no better than Russia in regards to Palestinian rights. That can change, but it's on Israelis to fix their own mistakes.

I want my daughter (Jewish via her mother) to be able to look at at least one of her people's modern histories and see good. She's not getting it out of Iran, Lebanon, or Syria, so Israel better step the fuck up.


Der_andere_Baron t1_jds7ovf wrote

... to no effect apparently.


PPQue6 t1_jds9xqu wrote

Dictators and authoritarians have no need to be concerned with public opinion


MeatsimPD t1_jdsd074 wrote

Not true at all, they all fear revolution


NoHalf2998 t1_jdt6h2u wrote

They really don’t


MeatsimPD t1_jdt6w71 wrote

Then why oppress so hard?


NoHalf2998 t1_jdt80aa wrote

That’s actually why they don’t worry.

It’s when they take the boot OFF the neck that revolutions happen. The safest thing for a dictator to do is run their country ruthlessly.


AwesomeDude1236 t1_jdtmoz2 wrote

You just explained that they worry about revolution, so they rule their country with an iron fist. This is exactly what the other guy’s argument was lol.


NoHalf2998 t1_jdupu9q wrote

Except that they don’t have to worry about it as long as they keep it up.

This belief that people will “rise up” and fight dictators is seriously wishful thinking


Del_3030 t1_jdtn9tx wrote

You know what the worst thing about being a slave is?

They make you work hard without paying you or letting you go.


Patsfan618 t1_jdsk6r7 wrote

From the Twitter updates I'm seeing, sounds like Israel is basically in a full revolution, right now. Politicians homes are being infiltrated, military unwilling or unable to respond. Serious stuff, folks.


TheBBBfromB t1_jdslezc wrote

Uhhh, I think Twitter is going a little overboard. Lol the streets on fire is also a bit out of proportion. I was out there, their are small fires on a major road, but they are few and contained. Not destroying buildings and neighborhoods.


sonic_couth t1_jdt2i74 wrote

But…dog and cats are living together! It’s anarchy!


AVLThumper t1_jdsqy5f wrote

Funny how this and France don’t even make the national news here in the US.


DangerousCyclone t1_jdts3tr wrote

You sure? They’re seem to be one of the few news stories constantly being rotated.


Patrick2701 t1_jdst716 wrote

Bibi is in his emperor has no clothing phase, getting advise from his moron son


darth__sidious t1_jdvcy1p wrote

It's not quite a revolution but not far off.


Patsfan618 t1_jdvdnup wrote

Yeah, I see now that things were a tad exaggerated on Twitter.


darth__sidious t1_jdvduxv wrote

People are mainly calling for bini to get removed from office, not replace the government system.


Malaix t1_jdt0cq6 wrote

I feel like I've seen this guy get accused of or charged with major crimes like 5 times in my life yet every time I turn around he's either back in power or still in power.


Just_wanna_talk t1_jdu1tia wrote

I swear I thought he lost an election at some point not too long ago.


GrizzlyTrees t1_jdu6jg9 wrote

Not how it works with coalition governments. He was in opposition for about two years, but the coalition of the time hadn't survived long, they a tiny majority and was very fragile to infighting.


pandabearak t1_jdu8ec6 wrote

It’s cuz old Israelites keep voting for him. Single issue voters, they are - killing Palestinians and snatching their lands under the cloak of “security”.


GordieBombay-DUI-4TW t1_jdts9ft wrote

Exactly why Trump has a poster of him up on his bedroom wall


vlsdo t1_jdvdbkq wrote

Right next to a bigger poster of Putin riding a horse shirtless


LengthExact OP t1_jds1k84 wrote

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acted illegally by announcing Thursday that he would involve himself directly in his government’s moves to change the country’s judicial system, Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara told him in an open letter Friday.

“Last night you publicly announced that you intend to violate the ruling of the Supreme Court and act contrary to the opinion of the legal advisor to the government,” she wrote. That statement, she said, “is illegal and contaminated by a conflict of interest.”


Happypappy007 t1_jds23au wrote

Get Netanyahu out of power!


tothemax44 t1_jdvvu61 wrote

They did. And somehow he got elected again. They know who he is, yet people still love him. Dudes a monster.


billpalto t1_jdsjhr1 wrote

Will Netanyahu destroy the Israeli government in his attempt to avoid justice and become a dictator?

How long will the public let him do that?


BareNakedSole t1_jdsfibd wrote

This guy had had more “this is finally it for him” moments than Trump. Call me when he’s doing the perp walk


Educational_Permit38 t1_jdszkrw wrote

So many scummy tyrants at this point in history. Like the 1930s all over again. What’s up with this?


Tmoldovan t1_jdt1oyh wrote

People who slept through history classes, are now relearning history the expensive way, and dragging us along for the lessons.


misogichan t1_jdtrghj wrote

Not sure. There are so many potential factors that could be playing a part:

  1. Rising inequality leading to more discontent from the masses and an broader appeal to populist leaders wanting to consolidate power under them "to fix the system."
  2. Weakening global standards for journalism as social media has made everyone a journalist and traditional print media has been forced to cut jobs, increase the speed at which they pump out news and cut quality to compete in a world where few if any are paying subscribers for their news.
  3. Civil/nonviolent resistance has been a potent weapon in the 20th century for democracies to oppose choices that are very unpopular from their leadership. But dictators and wannabe dictators have become more experienced with putting it down and outlasting the 🔥 of revolution.
  4. It might be easier to monitor your population for discontent and snuff out the leadership. For instance China, with wechat has been very successful in monitoring and enforcing greater control over their people during the pandemic. Russia has also shown that you don't even need to take control over the media like you used to when it is so cheap and effective to run a disinformation campaign.
  5. The Pax Americana fear of a American (or under the table CIA) intervention may have declined with (a) American failures at taking over nations in Afganistan and Iraq, and (b) increasing American preference for Isolationism.

fd1Jeff t1_jdv6f7r wrote

  1. Tremendous corruption. More and more corrupt people in governments, corporations, and other institutions. This is worldwide. Things like the Panama papers and so on show how bad this is. The saying about Washington DC from 20 years ago: “corruption isn’t some conspiracy; corruption is the culture.“. When there are problems, you have incompetent crooks in charge who don’t care about the public interest at all.

TheBBBfromB t1_jdskw90 wrote

Protests erupted tonight after he fired the defense minister.

I honestly don’t know what we’re gona do when he passes the judicial reform. Personally, I think the time for strikes is before, and not after.


looseleafnz t1_jdtgl02 wrote

Does Netanyahu have the support of the army? That is usually the telling thing in these situations.


vbevan t1_jdu6eyv wrote

A lot of the IDF are refusing to train, so I don't think so.


fd1Jeff t1_jdv6joe wrote

The Mossad might be more important.


sunplaysbass t1_jdtsgja wrote

I would love to see Israel be a reasonable country


hhs2112 t1_jduju4r wrote

Religious states never are as reason and religion don't go well together.


fxmldr t1_jdula3a wrote

There's a first time for everything, I guess.


Trout-Population t1_jdspn2j wrote

Defense Minister was just fired. Guess we know whose next.


macross1984 t1_jdsf4gu wrote

Natanyahu trying to be sly but still caught in the act by attorney general.


Odd-Ad1714 t1_jdsu3wf wrote

The man who would be king! This is what trump has in mind.


valchon t1_jduc1q6 wrote

It really is a shame that the worst humans consistently end up getting elected to the highest offices.


Yusbhere t1_jdshytx wrote

He’s doesn’t care, that’s how far right trump trash roll, what the hell were we thinking?


Method__Man t1_jds3y31 wrote

and nothing will be done


Flatline2962 t1_jdsqle2 wrote

Well not *nothing*. I'm sure the GOP is in constant contact with him for pointers in case they win in 2024. Trumps little J6 thing didn't work so they have to figure out how to step things up.


Jayr109 t1_jdtk981 wrote

New attorney general by tomorrow morning?


Restartis t1_jdutjyq wrote

In the UK we have a doctrine called the separation of powers. The institutions of the state are meant to divided in order to prevent tyranny. The division is as follows: the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. It's not perfect and there is corruption, but it works for the most part.

Sounds like the executive (Netanyahu) in this case is trying to neuter the judiciary. I don't know the situation in Israel but this doesn't sound good for a democratic society.


LengthExact OP t1_jdutp94 wrote

Nope, definitely not good especially when the supreme court is the only form of checks and balances Israel has.

Over here, the executive and legislative is the same thing (one is a subset of the other)


_ChipWhitley_ t1_jdvgk0e wrote

This dickhead has such a perpetual shit-eating grin that it makes it difficult to take him seriously.


ErectTubesock t1_jdvqf3t wrote

Sounds like somebody is about to get fired


Tb1969 t1_jdu4ijc wrote

So is the system going to check the autocrat or is this just a commentary from the AG?


durgadas t1_jduq5ox wrote

"No, I didn't. I AM THE LAW."

- Some Netan Yahoo


Hampsterman82 t1_jdu6xqi wrote

So ...... How long until some respected generals have a press conference standing behind the attorney general and supreme court? Everyone dislikes coups on principle but this is getting to the point I'd support my gov being ok backing Israel getting a forced early election.


Cheeseknife07 t1_jdu87ku wrote

Stop turning it into your private country bennet


jeffyoulose t1_jdt9mqk wrote

Just let the man start and win the war with Iran. Then put him in jail afterwards.