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musluvowls t1_jdselat wrote

Just watched 1000s of protestors break through the barricades at Netanyahu's residence. JFC. Not holding my breath, but this feels like regime change.


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olgrandad t1_jdum785 wrote

To be fair, when the IDF shoots a news reporter in the head with a sniper rifle it's not about race, it's about stopping discussion of the issue.


Sinfluencer666 t1_jdv7d1a wrote

I believe the CIA refers to that sort of thing as a "journalistic integrity reward".


Chedery2 t1_jdv2f4h wrote

Israelis and Palestinians are largely the same race


SOL-Cantus t1_jdv74jr wrote

Neither are the same race because race doesn't exist. We're all the same species. They're separate ethnicities with a common core religion (Abrahamic faith) separated into similar branches.

The difference between them is that Israel is an occupying force instead of an immigrating force. The day Israelies choose to treat Palestinians as equals and give back stolen land is the day that peace can have a chance.


Chedery2 t1_jdvqd1p wrote

Peace isn't have a chance when the Arabs invaded in 48'


SOL-Cantus t1_jdw3n3i wrote

Peace will have a chance when this doesn't happen:

Peace will have a chance when Israeli settlers give back stolen land (as declared by the United Nations).

Peace will have a chance when Israeli citizens are good neighbors instead of kettling Palestinians into a ghetto state and then blaming them for the violence and poverty that the IDF forces on them.

The aggressor (Zionists) don't get to say peace is impossible and victim blame. Israel has every right to exist as a state that supports and uplifts Jews and Judaism, but they have no right to abuse others to maintain that state. No group, not religious, not ethnicity, not anything, has a right to that. Currently Israel is no better than Russia in regards to Palestinian rights. That can change, but it's on Israelis to fix their own mistakes.

I want my daughter (Jewish via her mother) to be able to look at at least one of her people's modern histories and see good. She's not getting it out of Iran, Lebanon, or Syria, so Israel better step the fuck up.