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Malaix t1_jdt0cq6 wrote

I feel like I've seen this guy get accused of or charged with major crimes like 5 times in my life yet every time I turn around he's either back in power or still in power.


Just_wanna_talk t1_jdu1tia wrote

I swear I thought he lost an election at some point not too long ago.


GrizzlyTrees t1_jdu6jg9 wrote

Not how it works with coalition governments. He was in opposition for about two years, but the coalition of the time hadn't survived long, they a tiny majority and was very fragile to infighting.


pandabearak t1_jdu8ec6 wrote

It’s cuz old Israelites keep voting for him. Single issue voters, they are - killing Palestinians and snatching their lands under the cloak of “security”.


GordieBombay-DUI-4TW t1_jdts9ft wrote

Exactly why Trump has a poster of him up on his bedroom wall


vlsdo t1_jdvdbkq wrote

Right next to a bigger poster of Putin riding a horse shirtless