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Pulguinuni t1_jcophim wrote

It is young. Considering we don’t know the cause of death yet, there is one thing none of us can fight and that is genetics.

Total speculation, but hereditary cardiac conditions will many times hit you hardest in midlife if not treated aggressively. Some people don’t even know is that bad until is too late. Bob Harper, the weigh loss coach, had a massive heart attack at 52. Super fit and healthy from his lifestyle, but the disease ran through his family line.

Sad loss, RIP.


pat8u3 t1_jcp4y37 wrote

Maybe there is a paradox where otherwise very healthy people are more likely to die from unexpected problems since they don't tend to go to the doctor


Outrageous_Garlic306 t1_jcu8sbf wrote

My husband died of a massive MI at 49. Combination of bad genes and not the healthiest lifestyle. He ran marathons in his 30s, though.