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N8CCRG t1_jbewbn0 wrote

>announced Wednesday, ahead of the expected release of about 20 more hours of footage from Nichols’ January encounter with police.

I cannot imagine having to watch 20 more hours of footage. The portions from the first round of footage were so unbelievably hard to watch by themselves. And so completely damning.


Samanthuh-maybe t1_jbf37uq wrote

What the actual fuck would even be contained in that 20 hours? 20 hours of what??


UncannyTarotSpread t1_jbf3iy4 wrote

If you go from multiple points of view…


Samanthuh-maybe t1_jbf3riu wrote

Yeah but… how many points of view are there to equate to 20 hours? Ugh this whole thing is so fucking disgusting. I feel horrible for anyone who’s tasked with reviewing the footage.


The_Amazing_Shaggy t1_jbfg5w3 wrote

Video evidence can get unwieldy with a quickness. Each police car should have a dash cam. Each police officer should have a body cam.

13 officers have been administratively (not criminally) charged. That's 26 different camera perspectives alone.

There may also be private owned security cameras that recorded portions of the crimes being committed by LEOs. Some ambulances and fire trucks are cammed up now as well.


Kaeny t1_jbfsiah wrote

Makes sense. You only need 1hr if you have 20 cams. Even less for more. Just have them all synced with one of those strwam viewers


SuperfluouslyMeh t1_jbhzb6u wrote

>Each police
> should have a dash cam. Each police
> should have a body cam.

Yep. And there are services now that make the whole thing super super easy. They put the camera in a cradle and it recharges and uploads all the data and thats it. The storage, transfer, and validation of the data is all handled as a service provided.


amibeingadick420 t1_jbi7725 wrote

I believe it shows the cops’ interaction with the Nichols family after they beat him. I’m guessing it will include them lying in order to blame their victim.


photon45 t1_jbfa6eo wrote

Oh Mephis police are trying to do the Tucker Carlson Jan 6th treatment to this huh?

"As you can see, these guys weren't at all violent when there wasn't a black kid on a skateboard."

"As you can see, Mohamed Atta was just flying a plane to New York, he had no intentions of hitting that tower."


[deleted] t1_jbft0oa wrote

Imagine if it was just casual practice to make bomb threats to gain access to the cockpit, kill the pilots, and fly to New York for a fresh frank.


Englishgrinn t1_jbf9jg4 wrote

There have been numerous deaths at the hands of police that received national attention, and countless other that didn't. Every one was, at minimum, a tragedy; At the very least a tremendous shortcoming of modern policing. Others were straight up atrocities, all too common abuse, racism and cruelty masquerading as law enforcement.

But the ones with recordings always hit harder. It did with Eric Garner. It did with George Floyd. It absolutely did wity Tyre Nichols. Thats why efforts to stop or outlaw the filming of police is bullshit. Their actions either stand up to public scrutiny or they don't. These are murders and they shouldnt be able to hide by misleading reports or straight up lies.


Educational_Permit38 t1_jbgqw70 wrote

Memphis isn’t the only pd that should be investigated and retrained. Most of them use the same discriminatory playbook.


The_Amazing_Shaggy t1_jbfxt89 wrote

CNN updated the headline:

> Court orders delay in release of additional Tyre Nichols footage as DOJ announces review of Memphis Police Department

> Sink and Allison Fouche, a spokesperson for the city, both confirmed the delay to CNN on Wednesday. In a statement, Fouche said the court’s order dictated “that no video, audio, or records related to the City’s administrative investigation may be released until further order by the court.”


[deleted] t1_jbf5w1f wrote

What is there to discuss really? It’s obvious.


oh_shaw t1_jbfi49m wrote

The DOJ enjoys giving the appearance of giving a shit.


ChaosKodiak t1_jbhuhc2 wrote

So the DOJ will look at the case and go yup. Wrong was done…. Then do nothing.


verasev t1_jbhi9ue wrote

Tyre's death was raw. As bad as George Floyd's death was you didn't catch the guys afterward giving fistbumps about having killed someone. You have to radically deny objective reality to explain that one away and by God, some fools are trying. I'm sure the DOJ wishes this one would just go away.


tricoloredduck1 t1_jbhcsab wrote

Hilarious. I’ll be holding my breath waiting for the all clear. They were just following their training. Promotions and citations all around. What a joke.


antiskylar1 t1_jbhxabm wrote

Anyone know how many police department investigations have happened under Biden / Trump / Obama?