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Samanthuh-maybe t1_jbf3riu wrote

Yeah but… how many points of view are there to equate to 20 hours? Ugh this whole thing is so fucking disgusting. I feel horrible for anyone who’s tasked with reviewing the footage.


The_Amazing_Shaggy t1_jbfg5w3 wrote

Video evidence can get unwieldy with a quickness. Each police car should have a dash cam. Each police officer should have a body cam.

13 officers have been administratively (not criminally) charged. That's 26 different camera perspectives alone.

There may also be private owned security cameras that recorded portions of the crimes being committed by LEOs. Some ambulances and fire trucks are cammed up now as well.


Kaeny t1_jbfsiah wrote

Makes sense. You only need 1hr if you have 20 cams. Even less for more. Just have them all synced with one of those strwam viewers


SuperfluouslyMeh t1_jbhzb6u wrote

>Each police
> should have a dash cam. Each police
> should have a body cam.

Yep. And there are services now that make the whole thing super super easy. They put the camera in a cradle and it recharges and uploads all the data and thats it. The storage, transfer, and validation of the data is all handled as a service provided.