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hitman2218 t1_jbz0kgj wrote

I think it’s just that people don’t feel threatened by Covid anymore. The omicron variant is milder than the previous variants so there’s less urgency to get the shot.


Brushies10-4 t1_jbz6qbu wrote

I got 4 shots in total and while I always lived my life like normal I think a 5th isn’t in my future. I don’t know the last time someone I knew was positive and even if they were it’s apparently not as contagious or severe by a significant margin. Maybe I’ll keep getting a booster with my flu shot but that’d be about it.


morbidbutwhoisnt t1_jbzcv3h wrote

Almost all my co-workers work from home and at least one is positive every couple weeks. Every few weeks one will be pretty sick. If they weren't vaccinated that would be really sick.

I watch a lot of YouTube, every few weeks another YouTuber I like will be pretty sick with Covid.

I'm not sure where you are but I still see covid around a lot


pegothejerk t1_jbzf8q8 wrote

It’s still kicking ass in the server industry here in Oklahoma, too, staff is mostly back up to normal except when it hits, then places pull staff from each other to fill in for a week or so.


dogsent t1_jbzjibv wrote

People are still testing positive and isolating around us. Most report mild symptoms. Thing is, we don’t know about long-term effects yet. Also, some people can have more severe symptoms.

I didn't get a cold or have the flu while wearing a mask the last couple winters, so I'm going to keep wearing a mask in the grocery store.


Narren_C t1_jc18agh wrote

One common claim I see from the lockdown days was "they were counting flu cases as COVID cases."

Their evidence is the fact that flu cases plummeted while covid cases rose. They can't seem to grasp the fact that when the whole damn country shuts down and people wear masks everywhere and disinfect every surface all day long that flu cases will go down. It would be weird as hell if they DIDN'T go down.


Narren_C t1_jc18567 wrote

It's still around, but it seems like it isn't killing a bunch of people any more. At least I'm not hearing about it, I don't actually know what the numbers are.

But if the symptoms are less severe than they used to be, I imagine people aren't going to be so concerned anymore.


5zepp t1_jc1y4zg wrote

~32,000 weekly average, around 1 in 10,000.


Narren_C t1_jc1z3yj wrote

Damn. I guess we just stopped talking about it.


5zepp t1_jc25qls wrote

I mean, that's a pretty low frequency. But if you are exposed to 800 people a month then you'll be exposed to covid once a year at these numbers. Just spitballing.


01123spiral5813 t1_jbzvo4d wrote

> Maybe I’ll keep getting a booster with my flu shot

That’s what I plan on. Just combine a quadrivalent flu shot and covid booster combo and I’ll get that once a year.


Skellum t1_jc0v1a2 wrote

Ditto, I used to be meh on the yearly flu shot but hey I can pick stuff up at Costco while getting it done so may as well.


5zepp t1_jc1xxf3 wrote

I still hear of plenty of positives, and my parents had their asses kicked by covid recently for nearly a month, but overall the numbers are low, like 1 in 10,000 people weekly average. But can suck if you get it.


Legitimate_Button_14 t1_jc1ns15 wrote

I’m at a small company - 11 people. Seems like someone is coming down with it every month or so. Same thing with my friends . It does seem to be a lot milder. I did have the latest booster but I also get my flu shots yearly.


CactusBoyScout t1_jbzu6z2 wrote

I just got COVID for the first time last Saturday. It’s no joke and I’ve had all the boosters.

I’m in my thirties and have no compounding health issues but it was still very unpleasant even if I was never afraid of dying thanks to the shots.

But I’m told the first infection is usually a doozy. Still haven’t fully gotten my appetite back.


lurkerfromstoneage t1_jc0joef wrote

Same. “Finally” got it late this past January. XBB variant I believe. Think I got it from our gym. I may have had a mild case March 2020 but can’t know for sure. One day woke up, felt headachy and woozy, then by mid day BAM felt like absolute shit. Chills, muscle aches, nausea. Then that was gone the next day but turned to a bad cough. That chronic cough and chest heaviness hit me hard for a solid week. Lost taste and smell too. Difficulty with deep breathing, intermittent shakiness, minor phlegm… looked fine and felt fine otherwise. Got over it after one week but did not recover breathing and some scattered chest tightness for a good month. Healthy, fit, no health concerns, no “vices,” no genetic diseases at all. No, it’s not “mild.” Just because you don’t die doesn’t mean it’s not concerning. You don’t want it. It’s not a normal cold like people say it is (still). I can absolutely see how scary it would be for someone compromised already, not that I ever doubted that. Hope you fully recover asap


Bitter_Director1231 t1_jc25xi6 wrote

I had COVID back in December. Had all my shots...5 of them. Got very sick, took Pax, got better. Still have residual effects from it in March. It's a real humdinger.

My wife had it took. Still residual stuff from it.


fkgallwboob t1_jc0wtvv wrote

I got covid last year, haven't been vaccinated and only had a sore throat for a week. Anecdotally, symptoms will be all over the place.


5zepp t1_jc1yb35 wrote

But trend fairly worse than you experienced.


MeatsimPD t1_jc24q0j wrote

> The omicron variant is milder than the previous variants so there’s less urgency to get the shot.

Which ironically has made it deadlier because it spreads easier and thus infects more people. Even if a smaller.percentage of them die it's overall deadlier than previous variants in that sense


canada432 t1_jc2g5wf wrote

> The omicron variant is milder than the previous variants so there’s less urgency to get the shot.

I welcome correction if I'm wrong here, but my understanding is that Omicron isn't actually milder. It's milder than Delta was, but it's about the same as the original strain. It seems so much milder because people are vaccinated now, have had it already, or died from it in one of the earlier waves if they were especially susceptible. For those who aren't vaccinated, catching omicron is about as dangerous as the original wave.


thegroovemonkey t1_jbzp188 wrote

I kept meaning to get it and thought I would get a booster with my flu shot but the doctor's office didn't have any or something. Then I got COVID and had no symptoms so I'll try to remember to get a booster in summer.


notsocoolnow t1_jc0sc8c wrote

I can give a perspective.

I have had 4 shots: 3 Pfizer and 1 bivalent. I have also had a bout of COVID (Omicron, I suspect) with very mild symptoms. The shots and boosters were recommended by my government (Singapore) and free, so I took them. Just a reference: Singapore has a full vaccination rate of over 90%.

The last shot (the bivalent) took me out for a day. Arm felt bruised, slight fever. Got better in a couple days. But basically I do wonder how much my immunity could have waned when my body reacts so strongly even to another dose of the vaccine. Each dose the reaction generally gets stronger, which I suppose is good if I get exposed to COVID again, but I feel like maybe I can afford to space out boosters more.


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Narren_C t1_jc18usx wrote

Are you claiming that it doesn't help mitigate the spread or symptoms?

Or are you saying that since it isn't 100% effective that it isn't worth getting?


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Narren_C t1_jc1bfbs wrote

>im saying if its not 100% effective IT HAD NO BUSINESS being mandated.

Depending on the nature of the mandate I agree, but not because it isn't 100% effective. If I disagree with the particulars of a mandate with the current vaccine, I would still feel the same even if the vaccine was 100% effective.

When it comes to mandates, I don't think the government has any business requiring them. But I also think that private businesses have the right to require them in various circumstances. And the public has the right to refuse to give those businesses their money.

>also, no excuse to anyone who shunned, shamed and excluded vacine sceptics..

You're not wrong, but to be fair a large number of the more vocal vaccine skeptics were just as ignorant.

>these people blanket called everybody who didnt wanna take th vacine of being right wing..

People on the far left love to paint anyone they disagree with as right wing. People on the far right do the same thing.

It's hilarious how many times I've been called an ignorant woke gun grabbing liberal in one conversation and then called a racist something-phobic gun nut conservative in the next. Too many people don't like nuance.

>when they themselves were for mandatory vacination a full blown authoritarianism enablers. never forget

The hypocrisy is strong on both sides.


5zepp t1_jc1yg56 wrote

I think it has been established that it does not mitigate the spread a lot, but does lessen the symptoms.


lisaseashell t1_jc0a6sj wrote

Everywhere is throwing away expired vaccines, not just Covid vaccines. They expire… this is not news


ChalupaCabre t1_jc0f3d3 wrote

Much worse is all the good food we throw away daily…

Experts say as much as 1/3rd of all food produced is wasted. That is absurdly gross!


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Same_Lengthiness9413 t1_jc1myik wrote

A little wanting never did anyone anything bad


Provia100F t1_jc3rap5 wrote

Wanting breeds envy


TonightNice t1_jbyue36 wrote

It's fine, as long as big pharma got their cash


markmevans t1_jc05x6h wrote

What an incredibly nuanced take.


koebelin t1_jc44jqm wrote

The unnuanced take never convinces, always overstated and angry. If they ever learnt to argue like civilized adults used to, they might have a chance.


azwethinkweizm t1_jbzho34 wrote

I just had a fridge full of vaccine expire. The demand for it just isn't there


frealfr t1_jbz9coe wrote

It's ok. The doses have been paid for.


Takina_sOldPairTM t1_jbzaeme wrote

Send it to other countries who need them, then.


Akamesama t1_jc0q2rc wrote

While I agree, I suspect the major issue at this point is not availablity (well, maybe for the newer vaccine variants), but the cost and complexity of distribution.

That isn't to say they should just let them expire, but it is a bit different than sitting on vaccines that could have easily been used elsewhere.


Narren_C t1_jc19436 wrote

Are there still countries that can't get vaccines?

I understand that there are logistical issues with storing, transporting, and administering vaccines in some countries, but I was under the impression that supply was no longer an issue.


ForgotMyPasswordFeck t1_jc195p7 wrote

Feels like months since I’ve seen any covid news, I guess it just isn’t in people’s minds anymore


Bitter_Director1231 t1_jc26a6q wrote

Nah, we moved on to more pressing issues like drag queen story hours and overturning and violating rights of women for political gain.


this_sort_of_thing t1_jc4j1i5 wrote

It’s still out there, and if you get hit by it it can still be nasty. Especially since a lot of people probably had their last vaccine over a year ago maybe two years.


ballsoutofthebathtub t1_jc1nzm1 wrote

Lots of rich countries over-ordered or ordered multiple vaccines incase a certain one fell out of favour.

Most people probably have had 3 doses and a couple of covid infections by now, so aren't as worried as at the start. It's also common for a booster to knock you out for a day or so after, so even if they're on offer you might just want to avoid that and accept the risk of a covid infection later on (which may happen anyway).

In the UK people under 75 (or at extreme risk for health reasons) simply aren't offered boosters anymore, so its just the way things are going.


[deleted] t1_jc50zqv wrote

Great news! We’re never needed to begin with


mces97 t1_jc97am6 wrote

I don't get why they couldn't had shipped them somewhere that wants and needs vaccines. If they're gonna go to waste and least try to salvage them.


Slight_Knight t1_jc0321r wrote

Switzerland is on the hot seat these days


weeBaaDoo t1_jc1bzzo wrote

But please remember Switzerland is neutral.


d3visi t1_jc0uxmf wrote

Get rekt for Hoarding vaccines. Hope they overpaid for them too.


derpmeow t1_jc0sds9 wrote

There's a lot of evil in this world but this is pretty fuckin gross. Those doses could have gone to the developing world instead of being chucked out but no...


Azudekai t1_jc1u5pf wrote

Yeah, the developing world totally wants our expired vaccines. Just send even more of our garbage to the developing world.


derpmeow t1_jc1vfj6 wrote

Okay, i see how my original comment was not well phrased, but i meant it as a criticism of vaccine hoarding. I'll eat the downvotes but yeah rather meant the developed world selfishly held on to a large vax stock, knowing they were gonna expire (it's not a surprise) instead of gifting to countries who would quite like some.


postart777 t1_jc00jgx wrote

Between hoarding vaccines, Credit Suisse collapse, and "neutrality" against sending munitions to Ukraine, the Swiss are on a roll. Swiss rolls are disgusting btw. Its all a hot Swiss mess. Fondue is disgusting too btw.