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mces97 t1_jbhftxr wrote

I saw an Instagram reel where some woman was talking at maybe a city council meeting. She said she was told she had to send requests for things like the curriculum for her kids class. Mind you, this is a kindergarten class. She said they sued her and had a whole 5 hour meeting about her. This parent also said she sent 100s of requests. Not 100 (which is still batshit insane to me) but 100s. What the hell are you asking about kindergarten? And so many people defending her of course. Like no, she's not playing with a full deck and sounds like serious harassment on her part.


vampireRN t1_jbhm8su wrote

The woman is crazy for asking about her kid’s curriculum? I confess I don’t know the whole story but why did she have to request it more than 100 times?


mces97 t1_jbhmmpn wrote

No, she's not crazy for wanting to know what her kids will be doing, learning in class. She's crazy because she put in 100s, plural of requests. For a Kindergarten class. Like, you don't find that a bit much and borderline criminal harassment?


Trugdigity t1_jbhnl0o wrote

Did they answer any of her requests?


mces97 t1_jbhnyy8 wrote

I have no clue. It was just her side of the story. It was a short clip. I'm sure they did. But she just kept going on and on. She was talking about gender ideology and grooming. So... She one of those people.


seafloof t1_jbhuqba wrote

I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in the curriculum.