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Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_jbi2zz8 wrote

It's strange that all the cops in the article likely committed more felonies than the people they arrested for petty bullshit, makes zero sense. Why hire these idiots that can barely do police work.


Deranged40 t1_jbi3ilp wrote

You don't get it. This is "police work". They are seasoned veterans.


ThrillSurgeon t1_jbio4pt wrote

Protected by a politically active police union.


yetanotherdevice t1_jbjh0nx wrote

Millions of dollars of tax payer training and this is what we get. "Oh we need better training and new fancy training facilities."

No you need to completely revamp what it is to be the police and stop hiring overly aggressive morons.


CashCow4u t1_jbkfosl wrote

They need accountability for their actions.

Why should your barber or stylist be required to have education and certification by state boards who can suspend or revoke their license so they never work in the field again if they misbehave or hurt someone - they only use scissors & chemicals on your hair or face.

Cops use chemicals, cuffs & guns, and they are allowed to steal, rape, kill with immunity, plant evidence, false statements from professional witnesses, send innocent poeple to prison all while being paid taxpayer monies. This is how your city council spends your tax dollars. Cops are acting like gangs who wear uniforms & work for the city/state.

If cops wanna be trusted & respected they need to prove they are worthy with same pre-employment screens as a security clearance, national registration, state certification, and accountability when they screw up. Those that lead or watch over need to be the best of the crop.


bingwhip t1_jbkfai6 wrote

And I went up there, I said, "Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I Wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and Guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL." And I started jumpin up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL, " and He started jumpin up and down with me and we was both jumping up and down Yelling, "KILL, KILL." And the sargent came over, pinned a medal on me, Sent me down the hall, said, "You're our boy."


RKU69 t1_jbjicvr wrote

Not just that, but also by a wider social/political culture. Politicians and higher-up regulators didn't give a shit about this stuff until ordinary people started rioting and burning down police stations. Its not like political elites or higher-up legal figures really tried to resist the police unions in previous times. They're all part of the same package.


WildYams t1_jbijqv3 wrote

Exactly. If these cops were decent, qualified people before they were hired, then the police just trained all that right out of them and made them into dangerous criminals who brutalize, kill and steal. Most police departments are there to oppress minorities and poor people so as to keep the wealthy protected from the masses.

Here's video of their crimes.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_jbjf7lx wrote

All you have to do is see how much attention and support things like the "war" on drugs had, or the "war" on terrorism. Suddenly police get massive amounts of tools, funding and support. Bills/laws are put on the fast-track to being passed, rights are bypassed, etc. They have no problem confronting issues if they actually want to fix them or care. If nothing's being done, it's generally not because it's physically difficult or impossible, it's more of a conscious decision to not deal with or fix the issue. Especially when it's state employees/organizations who are causing the problem.


TNLpro t1_jbjkb9d wrote

I couldn't get to the end of that video. No wonder people aren't rehabilitated back to a human state. It's because this system and it's players treats them like absolute SHIT! They don't treat these people as humans. This display is sickening and just shows these ego driven pussies getting off on beating the hell out of people who have zero chance of defending themselves successfully and they count those punches and kicks like notches on a belt. It must suck to be so mad at the world cuz high school wasn't good to you or cuz that's what your daddy did. Some legacy


mces97 t1_jbkgyfz wrote

Jesus. They're all bad but the worst one in my opinion was the officer who struck a suspect with his car. Radios in that the suspect struck his car (which should be reversed, the officer struck the suspect), bleeding from the head, and they're telling him to stop resisting, tasering him. Like wtf?


FunWelcome t1_jbisok3 wrote

I saw a movie about a corrupt cop once and the guy(the cop) said you didn't catch him beating a suspect. You caught him doing his job.


cthom412 t1_jbk5lhr wrote

Exactly. I try not to be an asshole with people learning new things but this is a topic where it’s really tough for me. I’m 29 and entire communities of people have been talking about how corrupt American police are since well before I was born.

I feel like if you didn’t figure this shit out back when Ferguson happened at the latest that you’re part of the problem with this country. It baffles me how people older than me can still be shocked on a regular basis at cops being cops.


Erinite0 t1_jbkgw2c wrote

And yet people still want to further militarize these literal law- and union-backed gangs. Keep an eye on Atlanta.


Politicsboringagain t1_jbj17dz wrote

Just remember, all prison are for profit prisons.

The profits are just indirect to the businesses that indirectly support the prison itself.


daygloman t1_jbixxdm wrote

They ARE doing police work. FELONIES in a porcine costume. Ever come across a PIG that wasn't a criminal in some way? I haven't.


bewarethetreebadger t1_jbjbhvr wrote

This is what policing is and always has been. You’re just hearing about it now.


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_jbjear3 wrote

I can imagine in certain communities they would find it interesting most of America is finding this out now, years of tv-copganda don't help.


Nickhead420 t1_jbj5oxq wrote

I know 5 people who became COs in their late 20s. 1 is a really decent guy. The other 4 belong on the other side of the bars, but they happened to never get caught doing their illegal bullshit (drug dealing, robbery, assault).

Edit: I should specify that the illegal bullshit (that I know about) happened prior to becoming COs.


RKU69 t1_jbjijdc wrote

If that's the case, I really doubt that the one decent guy you knew is still a decent guy if he's still a CO.


Ok_Ninja_1602 t1_jbkz9u4 wrote

COs are particularly scummy especially those that work in women's prisons and with youth offenders.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_jbjev4n wrote

>Why hire these idiots that can barely do police work.

Because that's what they're hired for. Police aren't meant to protect people or actually solve crimes, otherwise the government would be as concerned with these current problems as they were of "terrorism" or the "war" on drugs. If the government or people in charge are actually motivated or care about something, a lot can be done and has been done with previous issues. If nothing's being done, that tells me that it's simply not a problem they want to handle/fix.


Chippopotanuse t1_jbhz0ec wrote

> The two officers then talk with other police personnel, joking about how easy the pursuit was. Stoll later says, "I threw the meanest f******* hook." Mundson responds, "I didn't get a single lick in."

Absolutely disgusting that this is how cops think. Time to fire them all and start over.

I’ll take my chances with random criminals if it means I don’t have to cower to power hungry cops.


PoignantOpinionsOnly t1_jbi9fon wrote

>By the time the officers got out of the car, the individual was already lying facedown in the street. Both officers and a third officer approach and immediately start beating the person. They are then placed in the back of a police cruiser. Homan can be heard on a body camera saying, "Nice little ass whooping." Woods responds, "Shouldn't have resisted."

Even more proof that them yelling "stop resisting" is just an excuse to brutalize people.


Deranged40 t1_jbi3gs8 wrote

Honestly, this is the help that we're supposed to expect out of them?

Quite honestly, I do know crack heads that can solve problems better than this, and that I frankly feel considerably safer around.


Teresa_Count t1_jbmga99 wrote

Why would you be expecting them to help you in the first place?


bewarethetreebadger t1_jbjbtz4 wrote

This is how cops have always thought. This is very human behaviour in a system based on the doctrine of “might makes right”.


darthpaul t1_jbi9sed wrote

these cops are just human garbage. you see other cops just sit/stand by and do nothing. how does anyone have confidence in their police departments?


IslandBoyardee t1_jbj60d6 wrote

The ones standing around doing nothing are the “good” cops


amibeingadick420 t1_jbjkd8a wrote

The bad cops are protected by all the other cops, as well as prosecutors, judges, and elected officials.

They are all bastards. They are all enemies of the Constitution and the American people.


DonnieJuniorsEmails t1_jbjbdcl wrote

good cops get fired if they stop the bad cops or report them.

even in Copaganda shows, they're all open about the fact that they all HATE internal affairs cops. Its so ingrained that Copaganda doesnt even fight that image, the tv shows just roll with.


2_Spicy_2_Impeach t1_jbjea6r wrote

Or they just move to another department. I’m reminded of a story someone I know told me. He’s a cop (married to a friend) in Chicago.

He was a cop in a suburb just outside of Chicago, and they were racist as fuck. If you went to their website there was an intro video that played of them in car chases, guns drawn, and other shit. It was set to the theme song of an old show called “The Unit.”

Lots of lawsuits and racism to the point the guy was afraid they’d not come and save him if he needed it. He was black cop, and was scared his own coworkers wouldn’t help him.

I asked if he told anyone about this, and he just said he moved to a less racist department in the city. This wasn’t that long ago either.


OgreAoH t1_jbi20er wrote

Wonder how long before they're fired and have to suffer the slight inconvenience of finding a different police department to do this at.


FloridaManIssues t1_jbixkis wrote

Florida is welcoming these former cops to be cops again under a special unit that only answers to the governor. They get a $5k signing bonus too!


TrueDove t1_jbjdwsl wrote

Florida is currently burning itself down with ass backwards policies.

I won't even go there for vacation anymore. I want nothing to do with bigoted, ignorant extremists.

I'm well aware there are good people in Florida (and I am so, so, sorry you have to live in that hellscape.)

I'm just talking about the numerous fools supporting and voting for these assholes.


Grandmaw_Seizure t1_jbiwuqt wrote

They probably won't need to move, just add 25 minutes to their drive to work.


Just_trying444 t1_jbhxsdz wrote

Land of the Free. Free to kick your ass


shaidyn t1_jbia69f wrote

Welcome to the United Snakes

Land of the thief, home of the slave


immalittlepiggy t1_jbiopwn wrote

The Grand Imperial guard, where the dollar is sacred and power is God.


TarCalion313 t1_jbhziyb wrote

I wanted to come here and think of a cynical oneliner to throw in, but what should you write to such a horrible news. I just feel... sad. Wrong. And with every such news just more and more angry...


RevB1983 t1_jbiim8t wrote

Police job attracts human garbage. News at 11.


Has_hog t1_jbimits wrote

Another commenter is like “these guys are so corrupt, they don’t do good police work.” Nah man, this is the police work. Arresting guys for petty shit and whooping ass, claiming immunity by declaring “resistance”, and then laughing about it w ur boys. This is the norm.


FloridaManIssues t1_jbiyh89 wrote

It always has been. The thing changing is cameras are everywhere now and it's being exposed. I worked with a girl for a little over a year that was going to school to be a police detective and had a job essentially lined up out of school from family being on the force. She was constantly lying and manipulating people around her. Stealing from people and setting up others to watch the drama. Saying that people were saying fucked up things that they never did. Total cop material. Probably going to be sheriff one day.


PWsmeemaw t1_jbi3xg5 wrote

East Cleveland is a separate city from Cleveland…just want to point that out there before our city gets any more criticism. Both the elected officials and police of East Cleveland have had a reputation for being corrupt, which has only contributed to the plight of this already poor, run down city.


MrHollandsOpium t1_jbiaicb wrote

Reputation is putting it mildly. East Cleveland largest income draw are that Church’s Chicken, the RTA stop, and the Taco Bell. The place is derelict and should have been reincorporated into Cleveland long ago.


TheBlueHatter t1_jbjv48u wrote

You forgot about speeding tickets


MrHollandsOpium t1_jbk2jfb wrote

Oh damn, yeah you’re right. I forgot about their notorious speed trap on Euclid (I tried not to frequent those parts when I lived/grew up in the Cleveland area).


Boneal171 t1_jbi7zau wrote

Yes, I’m from Mayfield. East Cleveland is part of the greater Cleveland area and is a suburb of Cleveland.


metisdesigns t1_jbj7xe5 wrote

In fairness though, Ohio as a whole seems to be fighting Wisconsin to be the Florida of the Midwest.


oldrtyhtdogwter t1_jbim8qp wrote

This is going on all over the country. American cops are the biggest gang in the world


FloridaManIssues t1_jbixbpw wrote

It's almost as if we are seeing a trend with thousands of bad cops. Videos of them all over the Internet committing felonies to arrest someone for jaywalking. Shooting and killing people who are following their commands. And yet still nothing is actually being done to hold police in check. Sure, we arrest the ones who get caught on video. But with the sheer number of bad police that we have fucking evidence of, it should really make you think if the police are actually good and not worse than the criminals they claim to be there to protect you against.

Maybe some sort of systemic change from the federal government is needed instead of letting every district dictate what the qualifications for being a cop are. 15 years ago when I considered joining, I looked up the qualifications and process and it was less than the training for a car salesman at the dealership I used to work at. GED and the ability to run 2 miles in 30min got you in the door because they have such a hard time hiring. I'm sure it's changed some by now though... Hopefully.


[deleted] t1_jbi0q94 wrote

cleveland rocks >!your world once the body cams are off!<


HitEmUpB t1_jbii8h1 wrote

Don’t forget that to these pigs we will always be the problem. Things need to change ASAP


tedcruzrileycurry t1_jbiec41 wrote

SPOILERS: It's not just Cleveland police it's all of them


MrHollandsOpium t1_jbiadj2 wrote

The East Cleveland Police Department is possibly a gang and thee most corrupt in the state of Ohio.


KamaKairade t1_jbj8p3i wrote

>"The real victim here was the entire city, all the citizens of East Cleveland, who had to live in a city with fear. To do everyday chores, to get simply pulled over and the fear of what may happen when they were simply pulled over or perhaps confronted while walking the streets. And it’s hard for me to imagine what they’ve had to endure," O'Malley said.

I might be dim, but I believe the dude getting curb stomped by 11 officers is probably the real victim.


WhoDatNewPhoneDogge t1_jbjvrs9 wrote

The police were originally created to catch slaves.

Let that sink in for a minute


Electronic-Mark t1_jbifl3w wrote

I love the bit about pleading for help keeping the city safe. You mean it is less safe without all these people committing crimes over and over again for at least two years.


CertainAged-Lady t1_jbj00qg wrote

Until they address the problems at the leadership level, the police in that city won’t change. They will just hire more people and train them to be brutalizers. I read the article and no where did I see anything about addressing superiors officers who train and manage these cops.


alphabeticdisorder t1_jbj461u wrote

East Cleveland accounted for a large portion of the third season of Serial. Well worth the listen.


rileytp t1_jbk49fo wrote

And if I recall correctly from those episodes, the city is unable to pay any of its outstanding settlements for previous cases related to police misconduct.

Kind of a “too big to fail” situation.


Radiant_Mind33 t1_jbjzvfh wrote

I'm sure the designated prosecutor bent over backwards trying not to bring charges against these thugs. That' seems to be 90% of what prosecutors do in America. They are either putting out fires the cops start or doing mental gymnastics on how their crimes aren't really crimes.

Cop on camera beats a dudes ass, then admits to it on camera. But guess what, that's not a felony crime according to prosecutors. Conversely, you looked at a cop wrong. THAT IS A FELONY.

The people in charge of law enforcement are total pieces of shit. That's all you need to know.


you-are-the-problem t1_jbjn9vi wrote

there should be a mandatory punishment for officers who turn off their body cam during any part of a stop/arrest/incident.


slimehunter49 t1_jbiw9x3 wrote

More cops need to be the ones out behind bars and barred from ever entering the police force


Thatoneasian9600 t1_jbkzdy9 wrote

Those aren't cops. Those are fucking pussies whose lives don't matter for shit.

Those pigs are worthless pussies.


Repulsive-Repeat-135 t1_jbjmjhr wrote

I have been following suit on Lodi Police officer who tased and killed a husky un necessarily. The department don’t give a single fuck about what their officers do.


Co8raclutch t1_jbjxttp wrote

Want to become a protected gang member?? Why not the join Cleveland police


Heykidsitsme t1_jbl36cs wrote

But they want you to back the badge.....

Really? I know not all cops are this bad but good ones that know a bad cop and do nothing about it are just as bad..

So do I shed a tear when one gets shot?


KilgoreTroutski t1_jbjo5uk wrote

Man, in east cleveland too. This is not going to end well.


arabic_slave_girl t1_jbjormd wrote

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office and the Cleveland Division of the FBI held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to announce public corruption and civil rights violation indictments against 11 current and former East Cleveland police officers.


James_havran t1_jbjps2o wrote

I’ve lived there and my dad still lives there, I have been in some shit there. Like driving down the street and instantly being in the middle of a shooting, the catch 22 is only psychos would ever apply to be a cop there. There’s no law there there’s no jobs it’s just a whole other world.


amm5061 t1_jbjydp8 wrote

Well, as the second Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video says, "don't slow down in East Cleveland or you'll die."


Saud_k t1_jbk3vt9 wrote

What’s the difference between indicted and charged?


NeverComments t1_jbk6ibc wrote

Usually indicted means the prosecutor brought the evidence and list of potential charges to a grand jury and let them decide instead of filing the charges directly.

Sometimes they're playing politics because prosecutors and PDs have a close working relationship and going to a grand jury is like throwing their hands up and letting a third party take the wheel. Sometimes they go through a grand jury to avoid any appearance of impropriety, or use it as a litmus test for whether the charges could stick with a trial jury. Some federal charges can only be brought through an indictment, per the fifth amendment: No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, and every state has their own rules for state level indictments.


BellumSuprema t1_jbkd2ia wrote

The no consequences for your actions law strikes again


Sovrin1 t1_jbkw503 wrote

If El Salvador could figure out how to work on their gang problem then I'm sure the US can too.


Vegetable-Fix-4702 t1_jbl83uf wrote

Thugs. This country need police reform. They're out of control.


jetbag513 t1_jblshpe wrote

Ohio just keeps ramping it up in every sector of crazy. They are becoming the new FL.


tuser1969 t1_jblyi2a wrote

Surprise, more POS cops.


alexbeeee t1_jbmwtsp wrote

Absolutely awful, cop runs a guy over and says “he just struck my vehicle” not only that but the one who’s running the press conference admits there’s a “cancer” growing within police departments and says that they’re going after every “tentacle” but that just goes to show that they know there are way more cases like this in police departments and they’re not ready to let the public know about that yet


dave024 t1_jbn32gl wrote

On Serial by Sara Koenig she talked about the Cleveland justice system in season 3. She talked about how people sued East Cleveland because of police incidents but the people couldn’t collect from the city because they had no money. They would then be offered settlements nowhere near what the jury award was.


Spite-Potential t1_jbobmpx wrote

Do these stupid cops watch the news? Do they know they are the center of our universe? Do they know everyone has a camera? Wtf. Do we know that they don’t give a shit?


kragmoor t1_jbqufaw wrote

this is the police department for the city that is constantly begging to be absorbed into cleveland proper


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CampNaughtyBadFun t1_jbk0imj wrote

What point? That you don't understand the difference between living near someone who does a bad thing and willfully taking a job in a blatantly corrupt system, reaping all the benefits afforded to you from that system, but doing nothing to make it better?

Cause yeah, if that was point then you sure did make it.


[deleted] t1_jbl9n0m wrote



CampNaughtyBadFun t1_jblr6zb wrote

I don' have time to explain to you all the ways in which the justice system is corrupt, that's all readily available information. And yeah, being a coworker doesn't make you privy to every detail of someones life, but when you have knowledge of your coworkers abusing their power and breaking the law and do nothing about it, that makes you complicit in their wrong doing. Same with family members, or friends.


chaos8803 t1_jbjkjgi wrote

All the other people in the community just happen to live near Jimmy. Cops have chosen to work with these scumbag cops and not report them. Did the hypothetical community report Jimmy? Probably. Did Derek report Garrett for excessive force? Not fucking once.


[deleted] t1_jbi49ly wrote



MrHollandsOpium t1_jbiaky6 wrote

Which are all in a different city. East Cleveland is not Cleveland.