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OgreAoH t1_jbi20er wrote

Wonder how long before they're fired and have to suffer the slight inconvenience of finding a different police department to do this at.


FloridaManIssues t1_jbixkis wrote

Florida is welcoming these former cops to be cops again under a special unit that only answers to the governor. They get a $5k signing bonus too!


TrueDove t1_jbjdwsl wrote

Florida is currently burning itself down with ass backwards policies.

I won't even go there for vacation anymore. I want nothing to do with bigoted, ignorant extremists.

I'm well aware there are good people in Florida (and I am so, so, sorry you have to live in that hellscape.)

I'm just talking about the numerous fools supporting and voting for these assholes.


Grandmaw_Seizure t1_jbiwuqt wrote

They probably won't need to move, just add 25 minutes to their drive to work.