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WildYams t1_jbijqv3 wrote

Exactly. If these cops were decent, qualified people before they were hired, then the police just trained all that right out of them and made them into dangerous criminals who brutalize, kill and steal. Most police departments are there to oppress minorities and poor people so as to keep the wealthy protected from the masses.

Here's video of their crimes.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_jbjf7lx wrote

All you have to do is see how much attention and support things like the "war" on drugs had, or the "war" on terrorism. Suddenly police get massive amounts of tools, funding and support. Bills/laws are put on the fast-track to being passed, rights are bypassed, etc. They have no problem confronting issues if they actually want to fix them or care. If nothing's being done, it's generally not because it's physically difficult or impossible, it's more of a conscious decision to not deal with or fix the issue. Especially when it's state employees/organizations who are causing the problem.


TNLpro t1_jbjkb9d wrote

I couldn't get to the end of that video. No wonder people aren't rehabilitated back to a human state. It's because this system and it's players treats them like absolute SHIT! They don't treat these people as humans. This display is sickening and just shows these ego driven pussies getting off on beating the hell out of people who have zero chance of defending themselves successfully and they count those punches and kicks like notches on a belt. It must suck to be so mad at the world cuz high school wasn't good to you or cuz that's what your daddy did. Some legacy


mces97 t1_jbkgyfz wrote

Jesus. They're all bad but the worst one in my opinion was the officer who struck a suspect with his car. Radios in that the suspect struck his car (which should be reversed, the officer struck the suspect), bleeding from the head, and they're telling him to stop resisting, tasering him. Like wtf?