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Bawbawian t1_jebu2cv wrote

Democrats not cleansing our institutions of Trump cult members is going to be the end of this nation.


stickyWithWhiskey t1_jebx1fu wrote

While I'm sorta with you here, I feel it should be noted that an "informant" is not an FBI employee. It's more like what we'd normally call a "snitch."

Source, straight from the horse's mouth:,for%20their%20information%20and%20expenses.


wrosecrans t1_jeczb5c wrote

Yes, I think that's what everybody understands an informant to be. The problem is that the FBI was clearly terrible at recruiting informants, and put way too much trust in them. The failure by the Dems to clean out corrupted institutions means that the Proud Boys have been able to basically use credulous FBI agents to launder Proud Boy ideas into the Federal Government.

This resulted in things like Chad Wolf genuinely trying to hunt imaginary phantom Antifa terrorists using DHS fusion centers during the 2020 social justice protests. The rank and file agents who were working in those fusion centers are still there. And the informants issue is representative of the broader issue of who was doing the informant recruiting, and what sort of information they were interested in, and what they did with that information.


krumpet_ t1_jed26ln wrote

You are making too many assumptions. You mark this event as proof dems are not cleansing the FBI of Trump Loyalists. When someone clearly shows how your assumption is false. You then show once again your lack of understanding of an informant. They are not recruited. You can't prove an argument by restating your argument. This informant being called as a witness proves none of the subsequent nonsense you are talking about either.


wrosecrans t1_jed826l wrote

> They are not recruited.

According to :

"There are several ways to become an FBI informant. The most common way to become an FBI informant is to be approached by the FBI. If the FBI has identified you as a person who has a connection to a criminal enterprise, activity or target, the Bureau may approach you to provide it with information."

What specific distinction are you drawing between the FBI "approaching someone to be an informant" and the FBI "recruiting" an informant? Because most native English speakers would consider those synonymous. I understand what an informant is. Please clarify how you think a person goes from being a non-informant to being an informant, if you think nobody in the FBI is involved in picking people to be selected as informants?


89141 t1_jefmxdb wrote

Oh no, people on the right assume that those snitches are FBI.


NBAWhoCares t1_jebwya8 wrote

>Democrats not cleansing our institutions of Trump cult members is going to be the end of this nation.

What does "informant" mean for you exactly? Do you even know what that word means?


[deleted] t1_jec2go0 wrote



NBAWhoCares t1_jec4f7m wrote

>Informants typically have handlers which are appointed to the case.

Correct, but that doesnt mean informants cant act freely? Nor are they federal employees?


[deleted] t1_jec7pml wrote



NBAWhoCares t1_jecbuxx wrote

>But if your handler is politically motivated? And believe it or not informants can lie.

That would be a crime to lie on the stand. And what indication is there that the handler is politically motivated or that it would have any influence here?

I dont know why you're defending a completely braindead take lol


IrNinjaBob t1_jecilcr wrote

And is the implication here that informants with political positions we don’t agree with shouldn’t be used as informants? This is just further solidifying you do not understand the role of an informant.


justforthearticles20 t1_jefdc3e wrote

Who vetted the informant? A MAGA FBI agent? a MAGA Special Agent? A MAGA Special Agent in Charge? All of the above?


sephstorm t1_jecv5rj wrote

What does it say? I wish I knew. But it's fucking PAYWALLED.


Suspicious_Bicycle t1_jedu58d wrote

in the URL edit .com to .com. reload and hit the stop button as soon as any text appears. Works for me under Windows 10 with Chrome.


Hanalv t1_jecxzyy wrote

did you try clicking on the little piece of paper to the left of the lock icon in the url? I get the whole thing.


Dr0110111001101111 t1_jee25mi wrote

If you're on iphone and open the link in safari, you can click the "aA" button to the left of the URL at the bottom and then "Show Reader". That passes the paywall.

Not sure if/how it works on other phones/browsers


GrillMasterCheese t1_jeeexs1 wrote

This reminds me of that time Hitler was introduced to the Nazis for the first time when he was assigned to spy on them for the German government.


Soccermom233 t1_jeffm46 wrote

Isn't Enrique also the head honcho of the Proud Boys?