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sephstorm t1_jecv5rj wrote

What does it say? I wish I knew. But it's fucking PAYWALLED.


Suspicious_Bicycle t1_jedu58d wrote

in the URL edit .com to .com. reload and hit the stop button as soon as any text appears. Works for me under Windows 10 with Chrome.


Hanalv t1_jecxzyy wrote

did you try clicking on the little piece of paper to the left of the lock icon in the url? I get the whole thing.


Dr0110111001101111 t1_jee25mi wrote

If you're on iphone and open the link in safari, you can click the "aA" button to the left of the URL at the bottom and then "Show Reader". That passes the paywall.

Not sure if/how it works on other phones/browsers