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WastedPotenti4I t1_jdytgz7 wrote

Yeah I badly phrased my response, it wasn’t my intention to say that only Paterson and Camden are that bad, there are definitely other cities (the oranges and parts of Newark like you said). I also live outside of it and while I think it has gotten better recently, it still has a long way to go.


skoomski t1_jdyu494 wrote

I moved in about 7 years ago and the common thing I noticed is empty ruins of factories and rundown docks too in the case of Newark. These use to be decent jobs but they been gone for a while and I don’t think they are coming back to be honest. Similar to Philly. That my antidotal opinion anyhow.


WastedPotenti4I t1_jdyukyy wrote

Yeah. In the past few years some of those old factories have been updated and turned into art installations/galleries. Not viable for the entire city area but doing something with the space nonetheless. What they’ll do with the rest of the abandoned buildings is beyond me.


___deleted- t1_je14m2t wrote

Some of the ruins are hazmat sites.

They were renovating one factory for housing and discovered it was once a thermometer factory and was totally contaminated by mercury.