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robexib t1_je02nb8 wrote

Naw. The police will claim they'll need more money for mental health services for their officers, the state will give it, and then nothing will change.


bros402 t1_je2r2n2 wrote

I mean do you remember what they did to Camden?


robexib t1_je2z1z1 wrote

My father moved to Camden in the 70's and watched the whole city go to shit. I'm more than aware.


bros402 t1_je3473t wrote

No, they totally redid the police department. It's not openly corrupt now.


robexib t1_je3nbm8 wrote

Okay, and? I still wouldn't want to deal with the police there.


bros402 t1_je3rdpe wrote


I would much rather deal with the Newark police, since they didn't fire a single bullet in 2020.