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cedarapple t1_je0fxad wrote

That sounds nice but what unarmed crisis worker would want to deal with an unhinged lunatic waving a knife around without armed backup?


damagecontrolparty t1_je0x8es wrote

It seems like there's a big risk to them going into a situation like that. I would like to hear exactly how the de-escalation is supposed to work so that the worker is kept safe. I never hear any details about how it would theoretically go down.


TogepiMain t1_je0tg8o wrote

One who knows they're way less likely to get stabbed if the person isn't freaking the fuck out because 3 angry cops are pointing guns at them?


ArrowAssassin t1_je0u1nl wrote

No unarmed social worker is gonna want to solo an armed person having a mental breakdown. They're gonna request armed officers as backup.


TogepiMain t1_je0xvky wrote

Got the numbers on that?


ArrowAssassin t1_je1h3no wrote

The numbers on people not wanting to die? Probs around 7 billion. The average person is not gonna confront someone with a weapon without any kind of safety assurance. This doesn't change just because they put social worker on their resume. They already get paid shit wages and Redditors are now speaking for them saying they should be thrown to the wolves.