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BeKind_BeTheChange t1_jcvlz8i wrote

Your mercenaries are a joke.


zosolm t1_jcvo094 wrote

You are under arrest, you do not have to say anything but anything you don’t say will be made up by me and written in this here notebook


SheriffComey t1_jcvq8mp wrote

That's a lot of work, Comrade. Here just hand him this polonium sweetened tea and use that perfectly good sealed 4th floor window.


SerEx0 t1_jcw2wjq wrote

You should get comfy first. Put on this pair of underpants.


jayfeather31 t1_jcvh154 wrote

This is clearly an attempt to smooth over the divide between himself and the Wagner group that has formed in recent weeks.

Personally, I doubt that it will be enough.


caesarbear t1_jcvqfnr wrote

You don't seem to understand what Wagner is. There is no conflict between Putin and Wagner's Prigozhin. Putin does not need to "smooth" any divide. Wagner Group is an extension of Putin himself. It exists only as a means to deny Russian involvement in the worst atrocities. It's all about the perception of a rogue and dangerously unaccountable military force, when in reality it does exactly what Putin wants.


IndicationHumble7886 t1_jcvt2m2 wrote

Yip, the conflict between them is between Prigozhin and military commanders, not Putin.


Spudtron98 t1_jcwpijz wrote

They’re basically the modern SS. Right down to not getting along well with the regulars and basically stealing supplies from each other.


EternallyImature t1_jcvxc6r wrote

Going to prison in russia means you're going to the front.


Vainius2 t1_jcxo20w wrote

It does not.


Nyctomancer t1_jcxxa9r wrote

>The scheme to send convicts to the war appears to have grown fast, with figures obtained by CNN from Russia's penal system showing a 27,000 drop in the prison population between March and November last year, when the scheme was just three months old.

The meat grinder needs meat. You think Russia cares where it comes from?


Vainius2 t1_jcyccnp wrote

Thats being recruited by Wagner. It's like saying going to US prisons 100prc means getting f ed in the arse. It can happen but its not guaranteed. Also its your choice to join Wagner.


edingerc t1_jcwmwub wrote

If he gets any more Fascist, they’ll make him the Governor of Florida.


Assassin_by_Birth t1_jcw851d wrote

Wow he’s not very good at leadering.


TRKlausss t1_jcx8hnr wrote

Uhmmm leading?


thecrunkness t1_jcxtrwp wrote

Leaderizing if you want to be proper.


TRKlausss t1_jcxuu34 wrote

Ah thanks! I definitely tried to look leadering on the dictionary and nothing came up…

But leading gives “guidance or leadership, especially in spiritual context.”, that’s why I asked :)


thecrunkness t1_jcy0exa wrote

This reddit where everything is sarcasm and dictionaries are for paper weight.


OddPicklesPuppy t1_jd4agf2 wrote

You should look up the definitions of "sarcasm" and "joke" as you seem to understand neither.


TRKlausss t1_jd4bdi1 wrote

Yep it’s difficult in a language that one is still learning x)


dwdrummond t1_jcvzuht wrote

In a free country , everyone’s a critic


fjnorton t1_jcwc59a wrote

Sounds like something out of Desantis playbook


David_denison t1_jcwlb7i wrote

They cosponsored each other’s legislation


DonnieJuniorsEmails t1_jcyu1d3 wrote

it seems trumplethinskin is finally realizing that Putin has abandoned him, as alt-reich propaganda like Fox turns anti-orange in support of Governor DeathSentence.

probably explains why Rhonda is suddenly sucking Putin's mushroom, he knows the russian money is up for grabs if he slurps hard enough


David_denison t1_jd50n38 wrote

Are you saying putin is help helping rhonda helping rhonda get trunp out of his heart


TooMad t1_jcwm3ut wrote

Wagner Group represents the finest of the present regime's ideals.


hug_your_dog t1_jcx8yma wrote

Remember when this buffoon and his RT criticized the West for having problems with freedom of speech? Lol


Narrator2012 t1_jcx8t9a wrote

The Russian authorities were arresting children for holding up blank pieces of white paper. It's hilarious that Russia pretends to have laws


It_does_get_in t1_jcx2q0z wrote

basically entering 1984's Thought Crimes territory. Russia has gone full circle back into Stalinism, but it will be called Putinism by historians, even the constant at war or under siege mentality is the same.


Awkward_Pangolin3254 t1_jcwtfqn wrote

  1. Send half of population to die in Ukraine.
  2. Send other half to gulag.
  3. Rule over empty country for the few remaining years he has left.

How is this bad plan?


It_does_get_in t1_jcx3gur wrote

your figures are ridiculously high, Stalin did that but at 10% levels and it worked for him.


dghughes t1_jcxq0rs wrote

And nuke half the world. Live in Sochi.


eric_ts t1_jcx7n5d wrote

Mercenaries--I remember when I was a kid back in the late 1970s some of my older classmates were really into Soldier of Fortune magazine. My mother's BFF's husband also really got into it. He also sent his wife to the hospital a few times before she left him. I am not a fan of that mindset. Just a bunch of disposable creeps. I hope the Wagner merc's next of kin receive nothing.


CSI_Tech_Dept t1_jcxclly wrote

Punishing mercenaries' critics? Does that mean that anyone pointing out that using mercenaries is against Russian constitution will now go to jail?


hessian_prince t1_jcxh685 wrote

So you’re going to arrest your own soldiers(the biggest critics of Wagner) and have them end up fighting with Wagner? All this with your already screwed logistics? Please.


xfactor6972 t1_jcx5au9 wrote

Yah Putin Republicans this the kind of freedom you want as his mouth piece? Freedom for only us kind?


CAESTULA t1_jcxs7mx wrote

LMAO, everyone in Russia will be in jail, mute, or dead, before the end of this war.


cwn01 t1_jcx4al1 wrote

While putin is edicting Russia into WW3, what is Russia’s parliament doing? The Russian Federal Assembly is supposed to represent the Russian people. Are they afraid of madman putin? Shouldn’t they be more afraid of what putin is doing to Russia and the hell he is bringing down on his subjects?


srv50 t1_jcxqyt4 wrote

Putins been the biggest critic.


FixMean5988 t1_jcxo1uv wrote

Hope someone assisinates him.


therealjamin t1_jd0p32x wrote

Putin and Xi deserve to have things done to them on live TV, nothing bad or painful, only the worst thing they have ever subjected none else to.


Flashy_Attitude_1703 t1_jd1jgeo wrote

Everything fine Conrad Putin, nothing to worry about, Mother Russia will win Glorious Victory!