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drkgodess OP t1_jdx92z2 wrote

Makes you wonder if those silly plots were closer to reality than we thought.


AussieJeffProbst t1_jdx9yo6 wrote

I've 100% seen this exact story on law and order SVU.

Except in their version the cops got it right obviously.


agoodfriendofyours t1_jdxe4in wrote

Yeah that’s literally how they write the episodes - whatever the most fucked up sexually violent thing that ( emphasis here ! ) happens to a real person in real life that is reported in the news, the writers room figures out a fun way it could have happened in a way that lionizes the cops and shows them as heroes. It’s the entire point of these shows, which make up at least 20% of all network TV.


Forgot to mention that sometimes, of course, the cops need to be allowed to “bend the rules” to solve case and deliver justice. We are meant to believe their corruption is what makes it fiction.


Belgand t1_jdz2195 wrote

That's the defining element of the Law & Order franchise. Traditionally promoted as being "ripped from the headlines". Much like Dragnet was notable for being based on true stories.

It's just the lurid fascination viewers have with something being "based on a true story". That's it.


Darryl_Lict t1_jdynk57 wrote

A bunch of those plots are based on real crimes. I would never be able to think up of these heinous crimes because I'm not a psychopathic criminal.