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jetbag513 t1_jdxzdh8 wrote

This reminds me of some story that happened quite a while ago, maybe someone can refresh my memory? Big feud amongst the bosses at some company in Connecticut, I think. There were like 3 or 4 harassing 1 woman. Sent her an actual pig's head. Ebay was involved somehow (not the pig's head). They were framing her for some serious shit too. It was a real doozy.

Anyone remember this? Maybe 3 or 4 years ago?


LighthousesForev4 t1_jdy3g2l wrote

>“former eBay employees are charged with harassing a couple who had criticized the ecommerce company, sending them obscene messages and mailing them live insects and a Halloween mask featuring a bloody pig face.”


dgard1 t1_jdy3vo5 wrote

That story was just featured on 60 mind last night!


officeDrone87 t1_je1b23a wrote

I can't watch it, did they drag the executives who ordered this shit through the mud? It's sickening that they were allowed to order their peons to do all this and faced ZERO legal repercussions.

Steve Wymer is the head of the silicon Valley Boys&Girls Clubs of America. Disgusting that a piece of shit like him would be in a position to take advantage of young people


dgard1 t1_je5wyct wrote

And to answer your question they did go into what the execs did - including the internal emails they sent saying how they wanted to take them down - and questioned the prosecutor why they were not charged. They definitly didn't come out looking good. I would hope that this gets more attention now and they suffer consequences


EmbarrassedHelp t1_jdyjn2t wrote

I recall that Giselle Maxwell or Epstein also sent a severed animal head to someone's doorstep for standing up to them.