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Sonyguyus t1_jcs5jso wrote

How do you mess up saltwater? Also bacteria shouldn’t be able to survive in saline unless it’s living on the applicator instead of the solution.


thedinnerman t1_jcshfp9 wrote

The bacteria is a form of pseudomonas (one that we had not seen in humans as of yet). Pseudomonas can live in most fluids and cause really violent eye infections that cause damage very quickly.

The two worst contaminants would be pseudomonas and acanthomoeba since they can tolerate extremely hypertonic solutions


dk00111 t1_jctljkh wrote

Neither real tears or artificial tears are just saltwater.


Sonyguyus t1_jctlmno wrote

Maybe there’s more to it but bacteria shouldn’t be able to live in saltwater


dk00111 t1_jctmqi9 wrote

I don’t think the salt concentration is high enough to suppress bacterial growth.

There are 5% hypertonic saline eye drops that are different than artificial tears, but even those have preservatives added.


phoenixgsu t1_jdk7wgw wrote

Lots of bacteria are salt tolerant, and saline water has hardly any salt in it to begin with. Further, pseudomonas spp are a know human pathogen, company should have caught it in sterility testing but of course these companies in cut corners and falsify records.