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call_me_jelli t1_jcszdg3 wrote

Okay but don't preservatives generally protect from bacteria growing in bottles like this?


Blenderx06 t1_jctibgi wrote

Doctors don't want you using preservatives if you have chronic dry eye.


Fn_up_adulting t1_jcszrjj wrote

The bottle valve is designed to prevent airflow into the bottle and thus contamination. What makes the bottle a pain is that the valve can make it difficult to get the drops out.


mces97 t1_jcuypt3 wrote

Yeah. I've tried a few different brands and I settled on Bio True because it's the easiest to get out without having to squeeze squeeze. And it's also cheaper in 2 packs, and get a few recurring deliveries on Amazon. I go through about 1 a week or two. I have to take glaucoma drops for high eye pressure and those do contain BAK Gonna try to switch to a different type without BAK.