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ATMbappe t1_jea70wb wrote

and this is legal how? oh right they posted record profits this year. carry on everyone


Geotolkien t1_jeak5je wrote

when you own a controlling interest in an entire political party, and have invested in their competition heavily as well, you can get away with it.


MeatsimPD t1_jeck755 wrote

Let's be real, Democrats aren't going to stand up against fossil fuels in a meaningful way right now. I mean I'm all for them compared to Republicans because they don't want to build gas chambers for trans people and illegal immigrants but still


golamas1999 t1_jed3wev wrote

Very generous say one party. The most climate friendly president has given more oil/fracking permits than George W. Bush.


Risley t1_jeb61d2 wrote

Looks like someone needs to drink another verification can…


buckmaster86 t1_jebpvlf wrote

Good news, with Newsom's new law against big oil might see some forward progress in politics against such high profits!


JackedUpReadyToGo t1_jebdxtw wrote

Every day we more closely resemble the cyberpunk future we were promised in the 80's... so why don't we ever get any of the COOL bits? It looks like fixer/Mr. Johnson is becoming a viable career path, but where are the fucking body augs and implanted sunglasses and virtual reality? I never asked for this.


Clouds2589 t1_jebnr12 wrote

I appreciate the Adam Jensen quote.


JackedUpReadyToGo t1_jebquiu wrote

I desperately want those rumors of a new game to be true. Even with the final 1/3 cruelly scrapped, Mankind Divided was a blast. I'll maintain that even the original holds up.


Clouds2589 t1_jebys2x wrote

I actually haven't gotten to play mankind divided. I was waiting until the episodic shit SE had a hardon for was over. I'll need to give it a play soon


JackedUpReadyToGo t1_jebzouk wrote

I think it’s been like 6 years since the last DLC they put out. Criminal Past and System Rift are worth it but you can pick them up later when you’re craving a few more hours of content.


Clouds2589 t1_jec1v6n wrote

I'm excited now. I loved human revolution and almost completely forgot mankind divided existed.


ReincarnatedInc t1_jebn4bu wrote

Oh, it wont be long until you can add implanted shades. Or Gills. Or an extra hand or a tail.

Its going to get real cyberpunk.


nomofica t1_jecyefb wrote

>why don't we ever get any of the COOL bits

The cool bits is how the conditions were set for you to accept your dystopian future


pegothejerk t1_jea51fn wrote

I'm guessing these guys are smarter than posting their evil plans in email and on social media these days, unlike our politicians.


kstinfo t1_jebj5tg wrote

WSJ is an Exxon apologist.


danmathew t1_jec27n5 wrote

WSJ regurgitates climate change denialism.


MeatsimPD t1_jeaw2un wrote

Burn down the planet and poison the air for profit


i_am_harry t1_jed8lmx wrote

Nationalize all Exxon assets


thenord321 t1_jee49p7 wrote

>Sub Title: Charity of Rockefeller heirs among groups targeted by hackers; oil giant not accused of wrongdoing

Of course they can't accuse them of wrongdoing, when they're paying to infiltrate and subvert citizens trying to exercise their rights to a livable planet.